FREE Halloween Printables

Hey everyone!  I have some really cute and fun Halloween themed printables for you today!  I don’t know about you, […]

Online Computer Courses – A CompuScholar Review

I was so excited to be able to review the Java Programming (AP) course from CompuScholar, Inc.  You might know […]

Homeschooling Through High School – The Four Year Plan

The first step in any journey is to have a plan in place! The same is true (especially true) when […]

CC Cycle 2 Week 17 Lesson Plans

It’s week 17…I can’t believe it.  This week has been CRAZY for sure.  Not sure that the difference is, but […]

HELP I’m an Essentials Parent!

**Check out our Essentials Resource Packet now available in our store!  Description at end of this post!!** Sign up for […]

Morning Routines for the Overtired Mom + FREE PLANNER

PART 1: How to set yourself up for success Before we can get into how to set up a morning […]


It’s Monday again… this time I am determined to NOT be a maniac! This time I’m determined to begin my […]

Bi-Polar Mondays (AKA Manic Mondays)

As I start each school week, I have to admit that I usually don’t have a great attitude about Mondays. […]

2016 Back to School Bash with Freebies

I am loving the 2016 Back to School Bash happening over at Not Consumed!  Kim Sorgius is an amazing homeschooling […]

How To: Plan Your Summer Lessons

School in the Summer??  What?? Why should I do school in the summer? Take bigger breaks through the year! Many […]