Morning Routines for the Overtired Mom + FREE PLANNER

PART 1: How to set yourself up for success Before we can get into how to set up a morning […]

How To: Plan Your Summer Lessons

School in the Summer??  What?? Why should I do school in the summer? Take bigger breaks through the year! Many […]

It’s Here….Student Planners Now Available!

It’s Here….AGAIN! After lots of hard work and a crazy few weeks, our amazing Student & Parent Planners are finally here! […]

Finally – CC Parent Planner is HERE

It’s Here…. After lots of hard work and a crazy few weeks, the Cycle 1 Parent Planner is finally here! […]

UPDATE: More Planners

UPDATE: as of the 2016-2017 school year the planners have changed names and covers!  You can check out the more […]

LOOK- CC Foundations Student Planner

I started making student planners when my son entered Challenge A.  Through the year I simply made a couple changes […]

Just In – Early Bird Special – Student Planners!!

Don’t miss out on the Early Bird Special for the next 2 weeks! All our student planners have been updated […]

JUST IN: More Student Planners

There has been a huge demand for the Student Planners I made a few weeks ago!  Thank you so much […]

HELP: Challenge A Student Notebook

I’ve been in CC a long time and believe me, if you need some ideas for Foundations or Essentials all […]

Quick Guide: Student Planners

I love to organize, but I know that not everyone does! However, I think we can all agree that planning […]