Looking for a way to connect science to the Bible? Louis Giglio has done an incredible job with his Science Devotions books How Great is Our God and Indescribable.  These books are full of short easy to read and understand devotions that link scientific principles to the Word of God.  Each book has 100 Devotions about God & Science.  They are full of color illustrations and drawings and cute, relatable explanations that even young kids will understand.

So what’s the difference between the books?

According to the back of the book,  Indescribable “encourage awe at God’s creativity, while How Great is Our God explains that it “explores the wonder of God’s handiwork, from the massive to the microscopic.”

Indescribable includes topics about Space, earth, geology, oceans, weather, animals, minds, bodies, and imaginations

How Great is Our God includes some similar topics of space, earth, weather, bodies, and animals, but it also includes topics about time, plants, climates, emotions and imaginations, and habitats

How to use this with Classical Conversations

At Classical Conversations, we have a different science topic each week that we memorize.  I have compiled a list of matchups that coordinate the weekly science memory work to a devotion in one of these books. This can be used at home each week (maybe as part of a Morning Basket or family/group time), or you could use it during Opening Assembly at CC each week! It’s a great way for families to take turns leading devotions.


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How Great is Our God

The Wonder of Creation








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