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It has recently come to our attention that people were using the contact form on my blog or commenting on my blog and NEVER hearing back from me.  As you can imagine this caused some major frustration for those folks!  I couldn’t understand because I had not seen any emails or alerts from my blog.  I’ve been working with our webhost and have figured out that there is a problem between my blog>webhost>gmail communications.  We have since created a new email account (not gmail) and are working to get the blog to also alert me when people comment.  PLEASE do not assume that I am ignoring you!  If you need me, please use this direct email.  Thank you!

Hello!  If you would like to contact me, please use this direct email address to ensure that your communication gets to me!  You can also find me on Facebook and message me there.

If you have a problem or issue with an order, please email me right away so I can fix the issue!  I want to make sure that all our items are shipped quickly and correctly!!

Question about your downloads?  If you ordered PDF downloads, you should receive an email IMMEDIATELY after purchase with a link and directions to your download!  The email will come from “Content Shelf” and it looks like an invoice.  Scroll down and you’ll see a link with directions.  If you can’t log into your account to access the downloads, please let me know.


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    1. Do you mean the maps that go along with the student planners? I don’t have those separately, but you can find maps like that online. Those are great to use for practice of continent shapes, but you’ll want to make sure to use the CC approved maps from the Foundations Guide or Geography Trivium Tables to really practice the places we memorize as part of our Foundations class.

  1. HELP!!! I bought some downloads and can’t find them. I had not yet downloaded them off your site. What do I do?

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