Classical Conversations Cycle 1 Foundations has some amazing history and science topics.  I love to build on these during the week at home as our history and science topics.  I do NOT add additional curriculums to CC.  I simply dig into the weekly topics.  These resources for History & Science are just enough to add a little hands on fun without stressing me out! All of these are cheap, simple, and will add a little fun to your day.

I’ve been in Foundations for about 12 years and have used many different things.  Some things have seemed great but I didn’t use them because they required too much prep-work or weird things I had to buy. In the end it was wasted money.  We spend our days reading about the history and science topics from a variety of sources, and I love to add notebooking into our week as well.  If you didn’t see my posts about why you do NOT need History or Science curriculum, check that out too! However, if all we do is read, it can all be a little dry for my young child so I like finding some hands on activities to add into our week.


I need simple, easy, and fun

I found all of these on Etsy.  I made some videos to show you what they are and how we use them!  I don’t get any commissions or anything, I just love to share what I find that I love and help others find a great deal or a great resource.  I hope these will work for you too!!

To purchase, visit their Etsy stores here:

Draw to Learn Science Cycle 1

History and Science Hands on Activities

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