It’s Monday again… this time I am determined to NOT be a maniac! This time I’m determined to begin my week from rest.


There’s a lot of talk about that lately.  Have you noticed all the books out there about it?  I’ve heard so many great things about several of them, but sadly I haven’t read them yet!


Teaching from Rest

The Unhurried Homeschooler

and a new one by a friend of mine: The Slow Lane: The Beautiful Art of Slowing Down

Rest is hard for me.  I’m a task-oriented person so I feel the constant need to be producing or accomplishing something.  It’s hard to turn off my brain at times.  Not that I actually accomplish a lot…finishing is hard for me too.  But just to sit, be quiet, be still, and rest…it’s hard.


Yet, I know how important it is.  There is no one and nothing else that can compare to what God can do and accomplish, yet He showed us an example of rest. If it was that important for even Him, how much more is it needed for us in all our weakness.  We must rest. Rest our bodies, rest our minds… Rest is trusting peace.  If I trust in the peace of God, then I can rest.  When I take up my own ideas, my own to-do’s, I stop trusting in Him. Why can’t I just wait? Why can’t I just stop and sit?

I’m not talking about being lazy….believe me there’s days when I can just be lazy….but that’s not the rest I am talking about.  I mean the kind of rest where you know you’re doing exactly what you are supposed to do as you rest.  When I’m lazy I feel guilty, but I believe that when we are truly resting, there’s no guilt.  It’s needed. It’s like recharging our batteries.


But how? When? For me this time of rest has to be planned.  I have to purpose in my heart and mind to rest.  My goal this week is to take time each day to be still, to be quiet, to rest. Maybe that means sitting with my daughter and snuggling. She’s 11…almost a teen! Her love language is touch, but mine’s not! So maybe I sit…with her…quiet.  No phone, no computer, no TV. Just sit and snuggle.  Maybe that means I find a time when everyone is occupied (or asleep) and just thank God for all our blessings. Spend time resting with God…talking to Him.  No phone, no computer, no TV. Just sitting and talking and listening….with no agenda…no requests…no in depth study of the Word…but sit at His feet and rest in Him. Maybe those are my goals for the week.

What are your goals?

How do you rest?


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