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Creating an Atmosphere of Gratitude

Do you struggle in your home with complaining and whining? Maybe it’s not too bad, but you’ve noticed attitudes of […]

Fall Family Bucket List

Create Your Own Fall Family Bucket List!

I’ve been talking a lot lately how the cooler fall weather makes me want to do more as a family. […]

Bi-Polar Mondays (AKA Manic Mondays)

As I start each school week, I have to admit that I usually don’t have a great attitude about Mondays. […]

Just In: Help for Dads with Daughters!

Can we talk about dads for a minute?  Usually my posts are about us moms or about homeschooling, but I’d […]

When His plans become Your plans

The following is a portion of what’s happening in the life of my family.  I struggled with even sharing it […]