Fall Family Bucket List

I’ve been talking a lot lately how the cooler fall weather makes me want to do more as a family. Maybe it’s the holiday season around the corner? Maybe I’m just tired from the summer activities (pool everyday….I’m missing that already!), the start of the school year, and want to just relax with my kids… I don’t know, but I try not to ignore the calling to family time!

Fall Family Bucket List

fall picnics, hay rides, bonfires….pumpkin carving, holiday baking, apple picking….

The holiday season is just around the corner and things are going to get busy. You might be traveling or preparing for guests, and pretty soon your do-to-list will take over your time! So take time now to do some FUN things together as a family! It could be as simple as reading great books together (check out this list for the little ones), seeing some great family movies, or taking an adventure to the mountains for the weekend!

There are tons of ideas if you’re looking for some inspiration (just check Pinterest!) but really you need to make a list that is unique to YOUR family!  Get some great ideas below, then print out your Fall Family Bucket list and create your very own customized list!

How about an apple party?

Fall is not really FALL without a good caramel apple, am I right? And making them is part of the fun! Check out this great download and directions for how to host a Caramel Apple Party!  You can make it a special surprise for your kids, or invite family and friends!  Wouldn’t that be awesome? And the kit also has download printables for games and recipes ideas!! ….and it’s only $2.97!!

Caramel Apple Party!


If you really want to be courageous, try camping.

Fall is the perfect weather around here in Georgia! Of course not everyone likes camping! Even if you don’t want to trek out to the woods, you can camp right in your backyard (and even come back inside to sleep!) and still have a great time.

Check out this totally cute and fun Camping kit!

This adorable Family Camping Kit includes printables for scavenger hunts, games, s’mores, and more! It will take your camping trips above and beyond, and ensure that you and your kids have the time of their lives.

The cutest ideas for a family camp-out!

Fall into Service!

Beyond the typical fall ideas, you can also make a difference this fall for others!  Research some community service ideas for your area.  You can do gratitude gifts for local police or firemen in your area….or even give to nurses or caretakers you know! How about planning some random acts of kindness? It can be so fun and rewarding plus it helps to model for your kids how to think about others! A great lesson as we head into the Christmas season! Check out this website for a huge list of ideas! Plus Pinterest will never let you down!


Service Projects


So now it’s time to think about your family and create some wonderful fall family experiences just for you!

What do you want to do with your kids this fall?

Don’t let the time go by!

Download your free bucket list!


I’d LOVE to hear from you!  What are your ideas?? Share them here in the comments or on our FACEBOOK page!  It’s so fun to get inspiration from others! 

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