One thing I always look forward to this time of year is the way it inspires me to spend time together with family and friends.  The fall weather, the hint of Christmas around the corner, the fire in the fireplace (hopefully soon!), make me yearn for a couch, a blanket, and a book!

Do you love getting together and reading as a family? Maybe you’ve wanted to start reading together more! Well, now is a great time! I think so many times we just overthink things.  I’m a planner so I overthink things all the time! I can take the idea of reading together with my family and plan it out for months…in the end I never get around to doing it! So let’s agree together NOT to overthink it!  Let’s just pick up a book and enjoy it!

Here are a few books that I thought were great for the younger kids.  I’ve either read them myself or they have come highly recommended by other moms. Links are to Amazon and most of these are Amazon Prime eligible so you can get your books in 2 days or less!

Or print out this FREE list and take it to the library!


Let’s make a goal this month to enjoy some beautiful books!  And remember…don’t set a goal you can’t reach…but challenge yourself to do more than you are doing now!

Here are a few books for the younger kids:

What are your favorites?


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