Links & Ideas – Cycle 1 Week 13 – Layers of the Earth

Science Ideas – Layers of the Earth Recently I published my history lesson plans called The Ancient Story.  The lesson plans […]

Quick Guide: Ancient History Lessons Now Available!

Last summer I posted the first semester of our NEW history lesson plan guide called The Ancient Story.  I’m so […]

Beginners Guide to Foundations

If you are a new Classical Conversations family, you’re probably getting a little overwhelmed about now!  While it’s wonderful to […]

LOOK- CC Foundations Student Planner

I started making student planners when my son entered Challenge A.  Through the year I simply made a couple changes […]

Cycle 3 Week 16 Ideas

  Every once in a while I like to share what our lesson plans are for the week.   Here […]

Getting Smart with USA Flashcards

This year we are studying US History and US Geography.  Over the years I’ve collected many US flashcards and puzzles, […]

Weekly Plans Review & Giveaway!

I just finished a fabulous review and giveaway from Greathall Productions last week.  If you missed the review you can […]

Notebooking Pages

This year my son will begin the Classical Conversations Challenge program and my daughter will be starting her first year […]

Summer Review with Quiz Cards

Although my kids would love to just have a “real” summer break, we always do some school through the summer. […]

Geography Flash Cards – Review & Giveaway

I am so excited to do this review and GIVEAWAY on the Geography Flashcards from Audrey@ {{Although I discuss […]