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Recently I published my history lesson plans called The Ancient Story.  The lesson plans pull together several resources and organizes them to match the scope and sequence of Classical Conversations Cycle 1.  However even non-CC families would benefit from a great Ancient History guide.

I did not publish my science plans in time, so I will be posting them week-by-week here on my blog!  If you enjoy them, please keep your eye out for the Cycle 2 plans that will be available this spring!

Cycle 1 – week 13 lesson plans

This week our reading will be from Everything You Need to Know About Science Homework, DK’s Encyclopedia of Science, and Usborne’s What’s Science All About.  I don’t always read from EVERY book, but I like to be able have all the pages written down ahead of time.  These are all great resources.

science books

What’s Science All About     DK Encyclopedia of Science

Everything You Need To Know About Science Homework


Day 1: Everything You Need to Know About Science Homework – page 46. Read the page then draw and label the earth diagram.  Pick a coloring sheet from the link below to color and label.

Day 2: DK Encyclopedia of Science – page 212.  Read about the layers of the earth and how scientist study the layers beneath the earth surface.  Repeat the drawing of the earth and it’s layers just like you did yesterday. Can you do it without looking? Print out the worksheet with quiz from the link below and work through it.

Day 3: What’s Science All About – page 176 and DK Encyclopedia of Science – page 248-3249.  Read about the atmosphere.  Define the terms atmosphere and greenhouse effect.  Draw the layers of the earth from memory.  Don’t forget to include the hydrosphere, biosphere, and atmosphere!

Day 4: DK Encyclopedia of Science – page 370-371.  Read about the biosphere.  Define the term biosphere from your reading or from the glossary.  If here is interest, you can continue to read pages 372-373 to learn more about the cycles in the biosphere.  For fun, use the link and directions below to make an edible earth with its layers.


Coloring pages and worksheets to label:

layers of earth coloring pages

Information and quiz

layers of earth lesson pic

Make an edible earth with layers!!

This Rice Krispies, chocolate, and marshmallow project is simple and so fun! Found this on and just loved the idea!  She even has a cute video of her boys doing the project!


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Memory Work System Cards
Memory Work System Cards

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  • This is fabulous. I’m not very good about referring to blogs for help in our CC studies and then when I do, I am amazed at what I’ve been missing! Do you do Science helps on a weekly basis? I just started tutoring (filling in for a new mama) and find the Science experiments to be hardest for me. Granted, this is the science memory work, but it still thrills me to see it. We are ready for week 14 here, so it looks like we’d be a step behind you, but I’m going to enjoy looking through here for sure! Thank you for sharing all this!

  • Thank you so much for sharing my post and link with your readers! I just found your blog in my Google Analytics’ referrer list. This project is pretty tasty, btw!

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