Memory Work System

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The Memory Work System

by Jaime Gravitt
This specially designed card system is for use with the Classical Conversations Foundations program!


Memory Work System Cards

Memory Work System Cards

An easy-to-use daily memory system that will provide a systematic and organized way to review all your Foundations memory work!

You must have the Foundations Guide from Classical Conversations in order to use these cards.

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The tutors at the CC Community are wonderful! They are there to model for us (parents) how we can creatively review the memory work at home. The problem is that about half way through the year, you realize that you have 12 weeks of memory work to review. How do you review all those weeks? At first it’s not hard. We are on week 4 in our community. I can easily review all 4 weeks worth of memory work with both of my kids in under 15min. No biggie! But by week 12 or week 20….well, that would take a LONG time.

The problem:

I found a couple great ideas about how to mix up the memory work so that we would be reviewing different weeks at different times. The only problem was that it was confusing to create the system. I had to write everything out and then move things around in my “box.” After awhile I finally got it. I even told others about it. But when I tried to explain it to others, I just confused them too. Another problem was that it had to be redone each year/cycle to keep up with revisions.

The solution:

Stop writing all that stuff out! I just wanted a systematic way to review previous weeks that takes less than 15 minutes and won’t have to be constantly redone! I wanted something I could print out ONCE and use for all the cycles!! So I made my own.

NOTE: These cards do NOT contain the actual memory work. You MUST own the Classical Conversations Foundations Guide in order to have the memory work items. This is simply a tool to help you rotate through all the past memory work to keep all those facts in long-term memory!


memory cards ring

  • The Memory Work System (I know I need a better name!), is designed for busy moms and kids! Simply turn to the week and day that you are on and then do what it says! The system will tell you which weeks to review each day!
  • Use with all three cycles individually OR AT ONCE! That’s right…if you have been in CC before and you want to continue reviewing past cycles, this will show you how!
  • No more writing out memory work on cards
  • Compact – business card sized and can be placed on a book ring
  • Easy to Understand – even your little ones can pick it up and know what to do!
  • Winter & Summer Break – I even have “plans” for continuing memory work through the breaks if you’d like
  • Memory Work Tips – scattered throughout are cards with tips for helping you along your journey!
UPDATE:  Due to high volume of orders, I have had a hard time getting the pre-made sets laminated, cut, hole punched, and shipped in time!  In an effort to reduce the processing time from 4 weeks to only 2 weeks, I have adjusted the pre-made sets.  Each pre-made set will come in full color on card stock and laminated.  They will not be cut or hole punched.  Simply cut when you get them.  This has allowed me to get the sets to you MUCH faster with a savings for you of $3.00.  



23 thoughts on “Memory Work System

  1. This is a fantastic idea. I passed your link to my community. Thanks for sharing your efforts and talents with other CC families.

  2. Should’ve done this instead of buying the memory cards through CC for 30 bucks, and I still have no way to link/bind/ring them together.

  3. Hi Jamie — just ordered these cards. They look wonderful. Do you have an affiliate program for your products?

  4. If I wanted to order them NOT laminated, would that be an option? I don’t want the pre-laminated ones to peel after I cut them.

    1. Kristine! Hello, I’d be happy to send you unlaminated cards or you can just order the $4 download and print on cardstock at home. Just let me know!

  5. Have you bern updating these with the new versions of Foundations? Have you thought about adding Essentials or maybe Challenge information to review later? You did such a good job with these.

  6. Great idea! Sorry if I missed this somewhere but I was wondering if your method provides a way to work ahead on the last 3/4 weeks for MM kids? Thanks, FE director in Harrisonburg, VA

  7. My oldest daughter achieved Memory Master last year. She’s the first Memory Master in our family and the first one on our campus. Your cards helped IMMENSELY with that goal. Thank you so much for an amazing product; I’m sending a link to the cards in your store to my whole campus.

  8. Do you have a 1-2 page list available? Like 5 rows per week, showing which weeks to review each day? But just in a list format? I love the cards but would get more use out of a master list I can hang on the wall and reference each week. If I knew the best method for choosing weeks to review I’d create one myself…

    1. That sounds like a great idea! I will actually work on one and send you one for free for giving me the idea! I’ll add it to the card download so people can choose to print one or the other or both! 🙂

      1. awesome!! thanks!! i sort of created something and ended up using 5 columns per week so it all fit on one page. but i’m not sure my method for reviewing is that great – so i’d love to see yours!! thanks so much!! 🙂 do you have my email address from this comment? or should i send it to you?

        1. I have it from your comment and you’re on a note on my corkboard to remind me! 🙂 I’ve been super busy making changes to the blog and switching things over to our new ecommerce store!

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