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So basically I’ve been just as busy as you have probably been, and I can’t seem to just get it all done.  Ever feel like that?  Why is it that we think summer is for relaxing and laying by the pool, but in reality, we are too busy or too hot to even do that?

gabes pool party

Okay so we have made it to the pool a few times!  This picture was taken at Gabe’s first birthday party! 

I hope you are all relaxing a lot more than I am! If you have a baby or toddler like I do…then I know you’re certainly NOT relaxing!  Whew!  They can wear you out….I won’t mention that I just had a milestone birthday and raising a 1-year old at 40 is much more tiring than it was when I was in my 20s!

2016-07-08 18.23.50My oldest son and I on our way to my 40th birthday dinner!

Anyway….so I’ve been busy and working on getting my new History Lesson Guide completed.  During the day I get short times on the computer during naptime (when I am not doing house work), or while Gabe is playing on his own, but really I get most of my work done at night after my husband gets home.  Where’s dinner you ask?  Good question…because it’s 6:10 pm right now and I have no clue.  It’s not because I don’t love my family, or that I don’t like cooking (I used to quite enjoy it!), but rather because I just can’t seem to get ahead of time!

I mean does your desk/school area ever look like this??

messy desk


So…I had an epiphany!  See while I was busy working on the new Medieval History Lesson Plans, dinner was falling off my list.  Eating out constantly was starting to affect our budget so something had to be done! That’s when it hit me… I have 2 perfectly capable older kids in this house!  Sometimes I forget that they aren’t 5 and 8 any more!  They are 11 and 14 years old!

I quickly let them know that they will be cooking dinners from now on.  Not every night, but a couple times a week.  It helps me and it teaches them as well! Did it work?

YEP!  My daughter’s first meal was Parmesan-crusted pork chops and my son made bacon-wrapped country style ribs!  What’s for dinner tonight you ask?  Well, my son is making a pizza pork chop bake.  (I promise we don’t always eat pork!)  Even more than the meals cooked…they have learned so many cooking skills along the way.  It doesn’t mean I am not needed to help them, but I can see that they will need me less and less as they learn!  Even my 14 year old son is having fun cooking dinner!

So with dinner handled, I was able to finish the Conquerors and Reformers unit of the History Lesson Guides.  This 7 week unit focuses on famous leaders, conquerors, and reformers of the Middle Ages through readings, map work, art projects, notebooking, and more.  If you’re studying the Middle Ages you’ll want to take a look at this unit!

So here it is….

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Part of CC?  If you are doing Classical Conversations this year (Cycle 2) then this unit can be used with your weekly history studies for weeks 1-7.

This unit study will help guide you through 7 weeks of study using amazing resources like Story of the World (Vol. 2), Kingfisher Encyclopedia, Everything You Need to Know about World History Homework, and more.  Not only that, but there are crafts, activities, map work, notebooking, etc..


NEW: This History unit also includes literature connections that provide suggested history-based literature for your child or your family to read as you go through the unit.



literature guide pic



screen shot 1 screen shot 2PDF Download $6.00 – That’s less than $1 per week!

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