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What is a Lesson Guide?

We use the term “lesson guide” because unlike traditional curriculum, our lesson guides give you flexibility.  Each week you are given an outline with exact page numbers and book references, BUT if you don’t have one of the books, it’s okay!  If you want to skip a day, it’s okay!  If you want to rearrange the week, go for it! It’s completely flexible and you can tailor it to your needs.  The lesson guides are simply that…a guide.  We have taken the confusing and laborious work out of trying to match up all your great resources with page numbers.  Then we’ve added in suggestions for vocabulary, discussion ideas, note taking tips, and even experiments and hands on activities.  With each lesson guide we also provide additional literature reading guides and Bible reading suggestions for each day or week.

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What’s Included?

Each guide comes with instructions on how to use the guide, notetaking tips and advice, a list of books that are used, a complete supply list broken down into weekly lists, the weekly plans in both “At-a-Glance” and detailed views, and an appendix with templates and additional resources.

What Will I Need?

You will need the guide (either PDF or Printed), the books of your choice, and supplies for the weekly activities.  The books suggested are a Science Encyclopedia (choose between Kingfisher or DK), the Janice VanCleave experiment book (either Science Around the World or 201 Awesome, Magical, Bizarre…), and the Scholastic Everything You Need to Know About Science Homework book. If you are missing a book and want to just do the other assignments, that’s fine.

Astronomy Books
Astronomy Books

Optional books are also suggested for further reading.  These include literature books and other science related non-fiction books geared toward younger readers.

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Will There Be More Lesson Guides?

Yes!  We are always working on our next lesson guides in both History and Science! Currently, we have Ecology: A Study of Biomes and Astronomy: A Study of Space for science.  Our history guides available are Ancient Story: A Study of the Beginnings of Cultures, Conquerors and Reformers of the Middle Ages, and Monarchs and Explorers.

Middle Ages History Lesson Guide
Middle Ages History Lesson Guide

What Age is This For?

The lesson guides are made with elementary students in mind.  I would suggest that they be used for K-6th grade and can be tailored for your own individual kids at home.  The great thing is that several kids can learn together.  This means no more individual history or science subjects for each child!!

How to I Buy?ecology-3d-book-cover

The guides all come as either PDF or Printed/Bound.  Generally, the PDF versions are $8 and the Printed/Bound versions are $15 (but sometimes prices vary depending on how big the unit is).  We also do sales about once every other month, so make sure to “like” our Facebook page to keep up with all the latest news.

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