Just In: Help for Dads with Daughters!

Can we talk about dads for a minute?  Usually my posts are about us moms or about homeschooling, but I’d […]

Now Available!! Countdown to Christmas Cards & Devotion

I am so excited to offer you our new Countdown to Christmas collection!  If you have been looking for a […]

Welcome Our Newest Little One

Well, if I’ve been out of touch or not responded as quickly as I usually do to your emails or […]

One of THOSE months…UGH

Well I’m sure we’ve all had one (or two, or three) in a year.  For my family it’s just been […]

Freezer Crockpot Cooking

Today I finally did it!  I planned a day with a couple friends and we made 63 freezer crock pot […]

When His plans become Your plans

The following is a portion of what’s happening in the life of my family.  I struggled with even sharing it […]

Blog Swap – FUN!

So in February I was part of a blog swap!  I have seen blog swaps before, but I’ve never actually […]

A Look Back to 2012

Here we are again….the start of a brand new year. Oh the possibilities! Yet…it’s also a time to look back […]