Empowering Struggling Readers: Homeschooling with a Focus on Dyslexia and the Orton-Gillingham Approach

Every child has their own unique learning journey, and for some, reading is a challenge.¬† Homeschooling offers a unique opportunity […]

Essentials Help & Student Notebooks

**Check out our Essentials Resource Packet now available in our store! ¬†Description at end of this post!!** Sign up for […]

Simple Homeschool Strategies

5 Simple Strategies to End the School Year Strong

As the end of the school year approaches, homeschooling parents can often feel overwhelmed and burnt out by the usual […]

Our Sole Job Right Now

Do you feel distracted and pulled in a million directions? Do you wonder what your sole job right now should […]

Foundations of Faith

Foundations of Faith

Do you have a strong foundation of faith? Do you know what the Bible says about faith? Knowing what they […]

Gratitude Scripture & Journaling Challenge FREE DOWNLOAD

This is a great time of year to start a new habit of gratitude and thankfulness in your home.¬† I […]

Geography Fun

Geography – FUN ways to learn online – Foundations & Challenge

I shared this geography video online before which showed just how awful we (as a whole) are when it comes […]

gratitude journal

Creating an Atmosphere of Gratitude

Do you struggle in your home with complaining and whining? Maybe it’s not too bad, but you’ve noticed attitudes of […]

A better Valentine

The Best Valentine

The day of love. Flowers. Chocolate. Cards. Dates.   But what about our true love? What about the one that […]

Chapter Books Kids Love

Ready to Read? Looking to expand your read aloud books or have a kid that loves chapter books? If you’re […]