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I love to organize, but I know that not everyone does! However, I think we can all agree that planning and organizing are essential to developing good habits.  Over the years I’ve done all kinds of things to plan my homeschool day that have worked well, but now I’m on to another adventure: Challenge A

My son will be starting Classical Conversation’s Challenge A program in just a few days.  One of the goals of the Challenge program is to teach the students how to take ownership of their school work.  Eventually this will lead to a more independent learner.  My children have had student planners before, but I was basically telling them what to write in each square each day.  There is nothing wrong with starting with that, however, eventually you’ll want your child to be able to take the goal (or assignment that’s due) and learn how to break up that goal over the week(s).  For example, let’s say there is a paper that they need to write and you want them to get it done in one week.  They need to decide how to break up that assignment over the next 5 days (into smaller chunks) so they can tackle the assignment without waiting until the last minute!

That will be one of my goals for my son. To learn time management in this way. Classical Conversations suggests getting a student planner (or agenda) for the students to use.  I looked at several of them online and in stores and just never found one that I was in love with.  I knew what I wanted and I just didn’t find one that had it all…and so I made one!

Features of the HomeschoolStory Student Planner

*Note: I have a generic planner and a Challenge A planner.  The generic planner can be used for any subjects and any age, while the Challenge A planner is specific to Challenge A students

Student Planner small

I wanted a planner that was simple and not filled with busyness that my student could care less about.  I hate to say it that way, but really, my son (and maybe many others) won’t take the time to read all the cute articles about good student habits or ways to get an A, or whatever little article is included in their planner.  It would just take up space.  Also, I didn’t want the days/weeks organized by time.  For us that is just not practical.  Maybe in a regular school setting, but for our homeschool routine, I don’t need him to schedule his tasks starting at 7 am, instead I want him to plan his tasks by subject and day of the week.   Which is another point!  I wanted room to write, but I also wanted it to fit on a 2-page spread.  And I certainly didn’t want space wasted with an area for a teacher to sign for bathroom breaks!  With that in mind here is what I came up with:

  • Colorful, yet simple
  • Could be for boy or girl
  • Includes Week-at-a-Glance with room to write in assignments for each subject on each day
  • Includes area for weekend work (just in case)
  • Includes checklist for review each day (math facts, flashcards, vocabulary, etc)
  • Includes area for Bible Reading Plan (if you have one)
  • Includes full page Notes section
  • Includes full page monthly calendars for long term planning and reference
  • Week-at-a-Glance pages are undated but with room to write date

Also available is a planner specific to Challenge A with all subjects and review section filled in for Challenge A students’ needs.

How to assemble:

The planner comes as a PDF document.  You can print it out in color or black and white.  You will print as follows:

  1. Print the cover page to place in the front of your binder or as the first page if you have your planner bound.  If you are binding your planner, you might want to use cardstock for the cover.
  2. Print the weekly pages (make sure you get both pages for the full week)  You can print them front to back or just single sided.  Either way works.  You will need enough to cover all the weeks of your school year.
  3. Print as many of the NOTES page as you like.  This can be placed at the end of the planner or mixed in throughout.
  4. Print the monthly calendar pages (one each).
  5. If you are binding your planner, you’ll want a blank piece of cardstock to place at the back to act as a back cover.

To download your planner, simply click on the link you want (generic or Challenge A) or just click on the “Visit our Store” link at the top.

COST: The planners are offered at a choice of $0.00-$5.00  I struggled with what I should charge (if anything) for the planner. Some items on my blog are free while others are offered for a fee.   For the planner you will have the choice to pay what you feel that the planner is worth to you.  But if you can’t pay or just don’t wish to pay, you are welcome to choose $0.00 and receive it for free!!

Generic Planner

Challenge A Specific Planner

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30 Thoughts on “Quick Guide: Student Planners”

  • I love your blog! Wish I could have had your challenge A organization last year! You don’t by chance have a planner specific to Challenge B do you? Wouldn’t that be great…
    I tried to download the generic planner to see if it would work for us, but it appears to be password protected and I must have missed the PW somewhere. Can you help? Thx!

    • Hello Yvonne, Thank you for your comment. The password is the email address you used when you ordered. I can make a Challenge B planner. What kinds of things would be helpful to include? With the Challenge A planner I have a checklist of flashcards that they can check off as they review each day. Are there any things that you would need for Challenge B for memory work or review? Maybe Latin vocab, math facts, literature reading? If not I can leave that area blank for notes.

      • I am a Ch B mom. I downloaded you Ch A planner to look at how you could adapt it for B. Here are my suggestions. FYI, I will buy one and recommend it to the other moms in my group if you have it done within the next 7-10 days. I would change the Daily Memory section to list (Latin, Math Facts, Math Vocab, and Logic). Thanks for the great resources.

        • Thank you so much Angel, I was JUST editing the planner right now for Challenge B! I will certainly use your ideas! Check back later today and I’ll have it up!

  • I was just sitting down today to organize my Challenge A students binder. I got your post from Mary Prather’s blog. Providential timing!!! Thank you for your post. I am so excited to have a plan to work from!!

    • Jennifer, you’re so welcome! I’m glad the timing was divine! 🙂 Please feel free to let me know if you think of anything that might be helpful!

  • I just bought both…do you by chance have a version of the Challenge A and Generic Planners that are not labeled Monday Tuesday, etc. and are instead blank or labeled Day 1, Day 2, etc? Our Seminar day is on Wednesday and the M-F labels get confusing.

  • Your Challenge A planner is awesome! I just posted a pic of ours and your link on the CC FB page in case anyone is interested. You did a great job!

  • Does the 2015-2016 Challenge A planner reference the changes for the updated Challenge A guide, or is it unnecessary since we fill it in ourselves? I am not sure exactly how it all works. Additionally, I have not received the guide from the director for next year. I am not sure when they get those to us. Thanks.

    • Hello Kristen, any changes made to the newest Challenge A guide won’t matter. This is just a fill-in-the-blank sort of planner. I do list all the seminars (subjects) but that won’t change. The actual guide from CC will be given to you by your Challenge A director usually sometime in July or whenever your parent orientation meeting is held. Challenge A is great. My son is just finishing up this year!

  • Hi Jamie! I LOVE the things you’ve included in this ChA planner! I definitely want to purchase one and a Foundations one too for my 4th grader! I was wondering if you have a version in which the assignments could be typed? Perhaps in the original software in which you created the document? I’ve just followed several pins on Pinterest to your I’m sorry if I’ve just missed it.

  • I’m looking for a planner for Challenge A, but can’t tell what all is included. Is there somewhere I can see better pics of the contents?

  • Is this planner still available? When I click on the link, it just tells me that I haven’t added anything to my cart.

    • This particular version is not but the new ones for this year are available. Just click on the Store link at the top of my blog and you’ll see all the current planners.

  • This is a Director question: I am a new Challenge A director and I’m trying to figure out how to get set up to take in money. Do I apply for a business license? Open a business checking account? I’ve looked through my DLO handbook and can find no instructions. What did you do?

    • Generally director ms just run their businesses like you would if you were selling Mary Kay or something. Yes, definitely get a separate checking account that you only use for CC. You can’t mix the money. Mine was just a separate personal account since I didn’t get a business license. Talk with your local SR and they can also help with some ideas. You are an independent contractor and you will hire independent contractors that work for you. You have to keep track of their pay and provide 1099s in January for anyone that you pay more than $600 per calendar year. If you use a tax person or an accountant , they can help guide you as well. You’ll be paying yourself too so you’ll need to consider your own taxes. Hope that helps a little.

  • I really appreciate your incite into Challenge A. I was wondering if these beautiful colorful planners are still available? I would love to utilize these in the fall for my kiddos!
    Thanks a bunch!

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