Making Plans

One thing I LOVE about using Classical Conversations with my kids is how easy it is to plan! I used to plan for hours and hours. I actually love to plan, but the fun disappears when all you do is plan, only to realize that you have to spend MORE time changing and updating it all the time. Usually the changes happened because our school days weren’t consistent or “life” just happened. Things that I couldn’t foresee.

With most curriculum or programs, the “lesson plans” are very detailed and exact for each day. I have found that although it is comforting to know that everything is planned out in detail, if we miss a day or even a half day, then we immediately feel “behind.” I have many friends who use curriculum like that, and they find themselves in this cycle of playing “catch up” all the time. With a more flexible plan, you can account for the unpredictable events or days. You can always “keep up” by simply reviewing your memory work in all your subjects.

With CC, life is SO much easier! No only is planning almost nothing, but when schedules change, and life happens, it’s not life changing! And when those REALLY busy weeks come, you can concentrate on JUST the “Grammar” or the Memory Work, and you’ll know that learning is still taking place!

Planning Notebook

Once a year I create my plan for each of my kids. CC makes it easy since all the kids in Foundations (ages 4-11) do the SAME memory work. I use CC as my complete curriculum, so our studies during the week are the same for history and science, geography, timeline, and more….for both my 5th and 2nd grader.

The things I put in our plan are history research, science research, math assignments, language arts, etc. We do our history and science research (reading and/or video watching) together. We also do our Foundations memory work review together. We also do geography, Bible, and literature reading together. Separately, my 5th grade son will work on his Essentials (Language Arts) assignments, as well as his own math lesson. My 2nd grade daughter also has her own math lesson as well as spelling and phonics.


I will also explain that my plan is not a detailed plan. I simply list the days and what subjects are to be completed each day. I put a copy of their plan in the front of their copywork books so they can easily see it each day!

For more information on what we do for each subject, please see my post about using CC at Home Part 1 & Part 2

I hope that helps you see how I plan our days. I don’t list specifics or times of the day. This keeps it simple and easy to follow. I use this plan for the entire year!

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