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I shared this geography video online before which showed just how awful we (as a whole) are when it comes to geography!  I bet that the last kid was a CC kid or at least homeschooled! Can you do better than these people? If not, it’s time to learn and there’s some fun ways to learn online! If you have kids in Foundations or Challenge, show them this video and see how proud they are for knowing so much more!!

I took geography in high school, I’ve travelled (not far…but still) and my father has travelled the world.  Yet, I didn’t even know all 50 states let alone the countries of the world except for a select few (Israel, Egypt, Australia, England, Canada, USA, Mexico…) until I started homeschooling my kids.

When my kids went through Classical Conversations Foundations, I was amazed at how much I didn’t know, then I was amazed at how much we all learned!  It was so fun to actually know where these places were! We started hearing them on the news, spotting them in books, etc.

Why didn’t we know this??

Then when my oldest went through Challenge A, we really dug in! He was drawing the world every day and for most of it, I tried along side him! I didn’t learn as much as he did, but I was still super proud of myself.

Here’s help to beef up your geography knowledge!!

Someone on the post that I shared, also shared a link to this website called Seterra, and I wanted to share it with you! I had so much fun quizzing my self with this.  If you scroll down, you can customize the quiz or pick from one of their MANY other variations!

geography map quiz online

Another fun site for both Foundations and Challenge kids is Sheppard Software.  It is actually great for many of the memory work we learn, but especially geography! This site has it all….science, math, geography, art, language arts, and more!

Sheppard Software Online Review Games
Geography is so important!  Keep up with the memory work in both Foundations and Challenge!  I promise you’ll be glad you did.  Happy memorizing!

Get ready for Cycle 3 Foundations, Challenge A,

or just learn the USA first with these great flashcards!

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