CC Cycle 2 Week 14 UPDATED 5th Edition

Classical Conversations Cycle 2 Lesson Plans! Well, week 2 of 2nd semester is here! I’d like to say I’m back […]

Middle Ages – Cycle 2 History Plans

Are you in need of some help with History? Would you love to have a history guide to help with […]

Homeschool Through High School – Curriculum & Grading

A few weeks ago, I posted some information about homeschooling through high school. It seems that while many families feel […]

Just In – Early Bird Special – Student Planners!!

Don’t miss out on the Early Bird Special for the next 2 weeks! All our student planners have been updated […]

Different Approaches to Lesson Planning |

Different Approaches to Lesson Planning

Are you up to your eyeballs in lesson planning? Or maybe you’re avoiding them all together? I’ve been in both […]