Purposeful playtime can be an amazing time of learning for young kids. My daughter, who is 9, LOVES pretend play.  A long time ago a came across an amazing site full of FREE printables that I wanted to share!


Kimberly at www.learncreatelove.com is absolutely amazing!  You can spend hours on her website finding treasures for your young kiddos! And, her stuff looks amazing!


Homeschooling with Younger Kids

When you are homeschooling more than one child, it can be daunting!  Especially as the older ones get older and require more academic time (and help).  Younger siblings can be distracting, especially if they are bored.  These pretend play printables are a great way to give your younger children something that they can play with and still know that they are using their brains and imagination, rather than sitting in front of a screen.


Take some time to visit this website and pull from her creative ideas!  Print out a few things and give them a try.

When you print them out, put the sheets in a PAGE PROTECTOR (or laminate) so your kids can use a dry (or wet) erase marker over and over!  That will save you time and paper/ink!!




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