This year we are studying US History and US Geography.  Over the years I’ve collected many US flashcards and puzzles, etc.  Some were just states and capitals, some had flags, some had facts.  I found myself trying to combine the cards into one set that had what I actually wanted.  In the end it was a mess.

So…of course I just decided to make my own!

But with whatever flash cards you might have on hand or find online, here are some great ways to play games and GET SMART!

  1. Drill – old tried and true!
  2. Memory – use 1-sided flash cards and place face down spread out.  Each child takes a turn flipping 2 cards trying to make a match.
  3. Odd State Out – played like Old Maid.  Using the “title card” as the Old Maid, pass out cards with matches (like state names + capitals) mixed up.  Children take turns picking a card from another player (unseen) trying to make matches.  At the end, the one with the Odd State Out (title card) loses!
  4. Musical Cards – played like musical chairs, place a card on each seat.  When children sit, they must pick up the card and give another answer.  For example if you were working on abbreviations, you would place the state name cards on the chairs.  Then each child sitting would give the abbreviations.  If they can’t they are also out and their chair removed.
  5. Around the World – children line up in a circle with you in the middle.  Tell them what you are quizzing (like State Name – State Shape).  Using the cards you are quizzing (mixed up), start by showing the first card to the first child.  If they can say the state name when you show the shape, they stay, you quickly move onto the next child by showing the next card.  They stay standing unless they get the answer wrong.  If they don’t get it correctly, they sit.  You keep going around and around until their is only one person standing.


HomeschoolStory’s USA Flashcards are HERE

Looking for simple flashcards that make it easy to play games?

I printed mine on colorful paper, but you can use any paper and any color! You can even color code them with one color for state names, another color for capitals, another color for shapes, etc…

These flash cards have:

  • State Names
  • State Capitals
  • State Abbreviations
  • State Shapes – with Answer Key!

UPDATE: I recently realized how hard it was to know which way the state shapes should go (upside down? right side up?) So I’ve added a small arrow to each state shape card that should always face UP!



You can print them front/back with State Name/Capital as one set and State Abbreviations/State Shapes as another.

Or you can print them all single-sided

There are tons of ways to play with flashcards (either these or others that you might already have)

Anyone have any great games to play with flash cards??



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