Here are my plans for science this week.  I use three main books for science each week with other books mixed in as needed.

science books

Each day we read from a science source, use links for downloads of worksheets, coloring sheets, and watch a video if available.  I then discuss and we take notes from what we read.  Through the week we add to our notes and finalize our summary at the end of the week.  I also encourage adding a drawing, graphic, or other illustration.

The format for these lesson is exactly the way my Ancient History lesson plan guide is set up.  If you enjoy these science lessons, please check out the history plans as well.  The Ancient Story-History Lesson Guide

Week 14 Science Plans:

week 14 picture

Click on the picture above for the FREE PDF or use this link: Earth Science Cycle 1 Week 14

Here are a few other cool links:



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Memory Work System Cards
Memory Work System Cards

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  • I see the coupon code has expired. I am a planner junkie and really like the looks of your planners. I have never printed and bound one before. I have been a die-hard Erin Condren fan but want to try yours because I think they have won me over. Will you have another coupon code soon. I have 3 planners and the essentials pack to purchase and will you have updated science sheets for cycle 2?

    • YES! I’ll be doing a new sale this weekend!! You won’t want to miss it! I am working on the History Plans for the first 6 weeks as well as the Science plans. I’ve been so busy with my little one (he turned 1 last month) that I’ve put off getting the lesson plans ready but I’m rushing now to get them done by the end of the month!! Thanks so much and I hope you LOVE your planners!

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