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In Challenge 2 (at Classical Conversations) the students begin a journey of learning history through the eyes of the artists and composers of the past.  It’s an amazing way of learning history.  Art and music is always an expression of the culture of the time, so why not look to the arts to get an understanding of the events, the people, the culture of the past?

If you are studying history with your kids at home, I encourage you to find an artist or composer that lived during the time you are studying and do some research!  Even young kids can learn a great deal!

How to Research Artists & Composers

Find a famous artist or composer of the time period.  Look at history encyclopedias (the index) and see what you can find out. Use search engines online as well.  Take some notes, print out some samples of their work to keep in your history notebook.  If you’re studying a composer, find a way to listen to their music.  Discuss what you see or hear. Ask questions about the artists/composers and about their work.  Have conversations about what you learn.  What can the art or music tell you about what was happening in this persons life at the time?

Helpful Worksheets For Everyone!

My son will be putting together a portfolio (of sorts) of his research as he studies artists and composers.  The portfolio will probably include summaries or outlines of time periods, research and notes about the artists and composers, analysis of specific pieces of art or music, a timeline, and samples of art work studied.

As I looked ahead to this project, I knew we’d need some helpful worksheet-type resources to guide my son through his research.  I don’t know if he’ll use them all year, but at least at the beginning they will help him understand how to research this type of topic.  The awesome thing about the worksheets I made is that they can be used for ANY age and for ANY homeschooler (CC or NOT).

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Attention Challenge 2 Parents

If you have a child in Challenge 2, then you will spend the year digging deep into the study of Art and Music of the past.  We have only just begun our Challenge 2 year, but I can see already that this seminar will be enlightening!  Why don’t we all learn history this way?  Not only are the students exposed to great art and music, but they are seeing how it connects with other events in history and how those events and sometimes even the art and music shape other events in time!

I’ll be honest…this seminar is going to be intense.  It takes up a lot of time to really do the assignments well, but some of the other subjects don’t seem to take as long.  I think overall the day won’t be longer than normal.  I’ll post later some details about insights after a few more weeks.

If you are a Challenge 2 family, please use these worksheets as a guide.  You  do not have to use these at all.  Seek the advice of your Director and your Challenge Guide.  This is simply what I have chosen to use to help my son through his research.  You are free to find your own path, but I hope this will at least give you some ideas!

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I hope these worksheets help guide you along a wonderful study of history through the eyes and ears of great artists and composers!


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