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Although my kids would love to just have a “real” summer break, we always do some school through the summer.  Honestly, we are usually schooling through the summer because there were many times during the school year when we took big breaks, so we use the summer to go back and finish up some things we didn’t make time for (or when I was too lazy busy to get it done)!

But even if you don’t need to finish up like us, you might still want to do some review through the summer just to help everyone remember what they have worked so hard to learn this year!

Melanie from  Created these cards for her family to use while attending Classical Conversations Cycle 2.  However, I believe these cards are great for anyone completing a study of World History… and the Math cards are great for all ages!

**These cards do NOT contain the actual memory work that we learn at CC.  If you want to have the memory work that we use with CC, you must purchase a Foundations Guide from Classical Conversations.  These cards are just general questions that can be easily answered if you have memorized our CC memory work… or if you have studied World History on your own.



During CC we memorize 24 facts/sentences for each subject (1 per week/per subject).  By the end of the year your child are hopefully able to recite those facts, but can then then use the facts to answer questions about them.  In other words, if you change the WAY you ask the questions, can they put their knowledge to use?  This is the bridge to the dialectic!  Being able to take raw knowledge and use it in an understandable way is an important step as your children grow from the Grammar Stage to the Dialectic stage.   If you find that your younger children struggle with this, it might just be because they are still very much in the grammar stage.


  1. As the creator, Melanie, suggested – Use the cards with Trivial Pursuit game! 
  2. Play Jeopardy with them
  3. Stack the cards (mixed up) in a pile and use them with other simple board games like Chutes and Ladders – get the question right and you get to move your pawn
  4. Put them on a ring and just quiz away
  5. For a challenge, try matching the quiz cards to a Timeline Card (CC) then reading the back to get more information.

I hope you enjoy this great (and free) resource as you review your memory work this summer!  And don’t forget….if you’d like to make sure you’re always reviewing all your CC work (even from multiple cycles) through the school year and the summer, check out my CC Memory Work System cards!



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  • We keep schooling through the summer, mostly because I like to take breaks throughout the year (for the kid’s sake and mine!) These cards look great, though, especially families who need a refresher in the summer months. Thanks for sharing!

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