Summer Bundle Busy Bags – Add some fun and learning to your summer! Want to keep the little ones busy and learning? These Preschool Busy Bags are super fun and offer tons of ways to learn!  They can be used again and again so you don’t have to keep making them.  I don’t know about you, but as much as I love being crafty, I only have so much time on my hands!  I am ALL ABOUT some quick and easy ideas that I can just print off, put together quick and then use again and again.

What’s a Busy Bag?

Busy Bags are activities that are usually small enough to be stored in a baggie or small container and that can be pulled out to use when needed.  Once made, they can be used over and over.  Ideally, they would offer educational benefits as well as entertainment for your kids.

I love having some in my car to take to restaurants, friends houses, waiting rooms, etc…. Or even while I’m working, on the phone, or just making dinner.

This Summer Bundle has some of my favorite quick and easy (and fun) activities I’ve used with my youngest!

Each activity comes with directions and game ideas for multiple ways to play and use them with your children!

Here’s a glimpse of some of the ideas:


ABC Under the Sea Letter Match

These super cute ABC cards have ocean creatures that begin with each letter of the alphabet.  The cards feature both upper and lowercase letters.  Use to match upper and lowercase, to put in ABC order, or to just practice sounds and learn about new ocean creatures!


Watermelon Seed Shapes

These fun watermelon cards each feature a different shape.  Use seeds or other small objects to place around the shapes.  Helps with fine motor, shape recognition, counting, and more.  Which watermelon has the most seeds?



Pineapple Matching

Aren’t these silly pineapples cute?? This simple matching game is much more than that! Children can play matching, but there’s also so much more that can be done!  I-spy is a great game to play which helps later with letter recognition…learning to recognize the small, subtle differences in these pineapples, teaches their brains to spot the differences in similar shaped letters later!

Fish Puzzles

Who doesn’t love a puzzle? These cute under the sea pictures can be turned into different types of puzzles.  Use them to help with counting too!  These can be made more challenging by mixing two or more puzzles! Fine motor skills are even improved as children place puzzle pieces just right!



Ice Cream Counting

These yummy ice cream cones each have a number (1-5).  Gather some small objects to use as “sprinkles” and your child can have fun decorating their ice cream cones with the correct number of sprinkles! Use cards to put in correct order and there’s even more game ideas included!



Spring/Summer Roll and Cover

Use some dice and small objects from home to play a fun game of roll and cover.  These fun picture cards can be used independently or as a game with a partner! Children practice number recognition, counting, subsidizing, addition, and more!






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