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I am so excited to do another review and giveaway!  It’s taken me a while to get this review finished but I was determined to get this out to you all!  I’m sure you’ll see why it’s so great!  Let me tell you a little about what Palooza Packages are!

Palooza Packages are a fun and creative way for your kids to learn.

Quoted from Palooza Package:

FUN, Educational SCIENCE and ART Packages integrated with Bible Truth! For ages 4-10+ complete with all supplies included for hours of engaging, creative fun! Themes change EVERY month!  Come discover, explore, believe, and create!

Mission: Bringing families together through fun hands on learning through Art, Science, and Biblical teaching.  Our desire is that families embrace the time they can spend together while learning more about God’s love for them and be inspired with the world He created.

I have to admit that I have always loved crafts…but I haven’t done very many with my daughter.  She’s my youngest and sometimes I just find that the idea of finding a craft do to and getting the supplies together just doesn’t happen.  The worst thing about it is that she LOVES crafts (insert guilt here).

Inside the Treasures by the Sea pack. Sorry for the bad photo!

Then along comes Palooza Packages!  I knew they said that everything was included, but I figured I’d still need to find some of the items.  I was wrong!  My daughter and I opened the package and saw all the FUN activities.  She picked one and we got working. Everything was there…even the GLUE!  LOVE IT!  The only thing we’ve ever needed was a pair of scissors!

planetary scene_Page_2
Sample of craft insert from the Blast into Space Package!

As my daughter got started, I read through the insert.  Each art activity has an insert with some amazing information.  There is a Discover section that tells you more about the craft you’re making.  Explore tells you more information and might even challenge you to learn something new!  There is a Bible passage or verse that goes along with your craft, and then a Believe section that links the craft to something about God’s Word.

My daughter painting her lighthouse
The message in the bottle


The Palooza Packages change each MONTH!  You can even sign up for an automatic shipment so you won’t miss any of them!

Each pack is $18.95 with FREE SHIPPING

Check out lots of information and more pictures…as well as what others are saying by going to their facebook page:

Ready for the best part?  How about a GIVEAWAY???


I’m so excited to offer a FREE Journey Across America package to one lucky winner!  This pack looks amazing!  ( if you are on your smartphone, you might try this link….it’s mobile friendly!
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6 Thoughts on “Palooza Review & Giveaway”

  • my kiddos LOVE crafts…in fact, the craft area is the most often used part of our school “room.” It would be great to incorporate a spiritual message with the mess! 🙂

    • LOL Katherine! Yes, somehow adding God’s Word to things does make it seem better…even if it’s messy! 🙂 I enjoyed reading from the insert about how Jesus is the LIGHT and we are the LIGHT of the world while she painted her Lighthouse! It was great!

  • This would be a great way to force me to do science experiments and crafts with my kiddo. It seems like every time we sit down to do an activity, we are missing something! Having it all together would be really nice.

  • My kids love crafts, but we rarely get around to doing them. I’d love having a craft that’s well thought out, and the supplies already assembled for me.

  • We were given a pack as a gift for my daughter and are currently waiting on our second one. I love that everything is included.

  • My daughters love to do crafts too. I just can’t seem to get it all together “right that second” for them to do an unscheduled craft. I like the idea of having the stuff ready to go.

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