I am so excited to do this review and GIVEAWAY on the Geography Flashcards from Audrey@ MadetoOrganize.com

{{Although I discuss these cards from the perspective of a Classical Conversations curriculum, these cards are great for ANYONE who wants to learn Geography!!  They are NOT specific to CC users!!}}

Right before CC started this year, I heard that someone had made geography flashcards that go with our CC studies.  At first I wasn’t really sure that I needed something else, but the idea of flashcards, laminated, and on a ring always excites me!

I found out it was Audrey at MadetoOrganize.com.  Her blog had a description and photos of the cards, but I still wasn’t sure.

My CC Director had purchased the pdf set and showed them to me.  I quickly saw how useful they could be!  We already have the CC Geography Trivium Tables and we LOVE them.  But they don’t give you immediate feedback.  My kids can label the places on the them, or just point as I ask, but they can’t do that by themselves and know if they are correct or not.  With the flash cards, you can look at the place, say it, then flip it over and immediately know if you are correct. Plus they are so pretty! They come in full color (but you could always print in black/white if you wanted to)

Another thing I loved was the maps that she used. Sometimes, geography flashcards are zoomed in too much and it’s hard for kids to recognize where in the world they are looking! These maps are perfect! They show enough of the surrounding areas that it’s easy to recognize which part of the globe you’re looking at. My kids have had NO problems at all!

I ordered the pdf and quickly received my email with the pdf download.  The cards are set up for you to print on regular paper (not card stock) and then when you cut out each card, you fold the answer behind the map….so that you have a map on one side and the answer on the other.  You can just glue it and use it like that, or you can laminate them.  You know me… I laminate!

2013-09-19 15.01.41

I won’t lie…it does take some time to print all the pages, cut them out, fold them, then laminate and cut again! However, the finished product is well worth it!  I hole-punched mine and put them on a 3″ ring.  I can use them for review or just hand them to the kids so they can review them on their own.

Due to copyright laws, these cards are not labeled specifically for CC or for a certain CC Cycle.  They are not organized by week either.  They are just places that coincide with our CC Geography places.  I took my set and labeled them with week numbers so that I could easily organize them and review by week.

What’s even more exciting is where your money goes!  When you order these cards, all proceeds go towards the adoption costs for 3 beautiful girls from the Democratic Republic of Congo.  If you’d like to read about their adoption story, please visit Audrey at www.MadetoOrganize.com

If you would like to order these cards (as a pdf download), simply go to the MadeToOrganize site and click DONATE.  In the notes, mention that you would like a set of Geo Flashcards and let her know which email address you would like them sent to.  That’s it!!

If you’d like to enter our raffle, please follow directions below!  A winner will be randomly picked (via Rafflecopter) on Saturday, Sept. 28th.

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