Planning to homeschool through High School?

Are you feeling nervous? You don’t have to!  Homeschooling through High School isn’t as hard as it sounds…and YOU can do it.

There are usually 2 main issues parents face with homeschooling high school.  First, the courses….can you teach high school Chemistry? It’s hard and you might not feel equipped to teach it. Second is the paperwork, transcripts, and grades.  This is scary just because we usually don’t even know where to start!

Here’s some help!


First, as far as the high school courses, there are TONS of online, video, and even groups that you can use to help teach those hard courses.  Just because you might not have the knowledge, doesn’t mean you have to give up!  You can even find AP courses online for a reasonable cost. We are part of Classical Conversations.  They meet once a week as a group.  My son does all his science labs there, presents his papers or other projects, participates in other group events like debate, and more.  If you aren’t part of CC, there are other groups like co-ops, tutors, or just online groups that can offer help and support.

Recently I did a review on and shared about their amazing collection of courses available online for all ages, including high school!  Check it out here.

Second, the stress of grades, paperwork, and transcripts doesn’t have to send you running either.  There is SO MUCH help available online (both free and paid).  This is one area that I love.  I know it sounds weird, but I love it.  I could spend hours planning, tracking, and writing up course descriptions.  If you don’t love it, it’s okay.  People like me have already done most of the hard work and put out online somewhere!

My son is finishing up his sophomore year of high school, so I’m knee deep in high school planning, grading, and transcripts. I’ve put together some templates, forms, and other helpful printable documents that I’ve used and I’m not offering them here!


The most important thing is to start with a plan!  You HAVE to plan out the four years of high school to ensure that you have everything covered and accounted for!  There are some important things to consider as you plan your high school years and it can also be something that is flexible and changes at times…..but you still need the plan!

Ready to Know More?

I’ll be doing a once a week blog post taking you through all the steps to successfully plan and execute your high school years!  Join me through March as we dig into Homeschooling through High School!

Homeschooling Through High School Series

  1. The 4 Year Plan
  2. Yearly Plans, Courses, and Grading
  3. Looking Ahead w/ Dual Enrollment
  4. Scholarships & the College Resume
  5. Transcripts Q & A


If you’d like to get organized and have a plan, then the High School Planning Kit is for you!  I’ve worked on this planning kit for a long time and have made all sorts of useful templates, forms, and checklists!  You can print out what you want and organize them the way that makes sense to you!  Bind them, hole-punch, whatever works best for you!

And best yet….If you don’t want to fill out by hand, they are all “fill in the blank” in adobe reader! Just type in the spaces!  Personally, I enjoy to write in with pencil, but I know some of you like to type! 🙂



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