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Okay so its finally here….greatly anticipated after the hottest summer ever…the cool, crisp mornings and relaxing evenings of fall! I don’t know how your summer has been but here in Georgia its been HOT and HUMID.  The winter was NOT very cold last year, so the bugs have been horrible and the heat is exhausting!

Fall is by far my favorite season!

I think the fall weather really helps my mood!  I love going out in the  morning and enjoying the coolness in the air!  My youngest is only 15 months old and he LOVES the outside!  By 8:30 am he is begging to go outside!  I could see the surprise on his face the first fall morning when the temperatures were in the 50s and it felt cold! Didn’t stop him…he went right out and played in the sandbox.  I got to sit on our patio couch and #justrest in the beauty of the changing seasons.

My 15 year old is basically a hermit all summer long (he hates the heat), so with the cooler temperatures, he emerges from his dark, sometimes smelly, dungeon of a room to finally step into the great outdoors! It brings us all together! My 11 year old jumping on the trampoline (and not experiencing symptoms of heat exhaustion), the baby toddling around from one newly noticed wonder of the back yard to another, and my teenager, sitting with me, enjoying the coolness on our skin! What more could we ask for?

Pumpkin Crazy!

We can ask for pumpkin EVERYTHING.  I think as soon as we get one day that drops below 75, we start heading to Starbucks for our pumpkin latte and pumpkin muffin! But it doesn’t stop there! People have literally gone crazy over pumpkin.

Pumpkin Food

I’m familiar with the traditional pumpkin flavored items like pumpkin bread, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, and pumpkin pie, but have you seen all the pumpkin flavored stuff out there now!?  Just search “pumpkin” on pinterest and you’ll find everything from Pumpkin Alfredo Sauce, Pumpkin Smoothies, and even Pumpkin Chili! 

Pumpkin Carving

And it’s not just with food!  Pumpkin carving has been a long-standing tradition, but now people are going crazy with their carvings.  These pumpkins are becoming true works of art!

Pumpkin Babies

And of course, who doesn’t love a cute baby in a pumpkin? These cute pictures are sure to become long-time keepsakes!  If you need to get some know-how on these pictures, try this post to get some good tips!


Pumpkin Giveaway

So if you are a crazy pumpkin lover, let us know!  How do you go pumpkin crazy? Favorite recipes, quotes, things to do… Comment here!

After all this #crazypumpkin talk, I don’t want to leave you empty handed!!  Enter to win this totally cute Pumpkin/Fall Gift Set that I found on Etsy!

Tshirt and Coffe Mug – gift set

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Winner will be contacted with directions on how to place their order (shirt size, address, etc) and will receive their gift set for FREE (including shipping!)  For more information on this Etsy listing: https://www.etsy.com/listing/468548327/pumpkin-gift-set-pumpkin-lover-gift-set

Happy Fall Y’all

5 Thoughts on “Go Pumpkin Crazy – Then Give It Away!”

  • I also love everything pumpkin! I just made pumpkin pancakes yesterday. We love going to a local farm each year on a school day and doing a corn maze, hayride, corn trough, and playing on their haystack playground.

  • My favorite thing about Fall is eating pumpkin pie and muffins! I also love the Bath and Body Works plug-in called “Pumpkin”. I have them plugged in all over the house!

  • In order, so far: 1st day of fall with Pumpkin Spiced Latte, Pumpkin Fun Run 5K, pumpkin coffee in the Keurig in the mornings, sweet potato casserole, and pumpkin cheesecake squares (ok.. I didn’t make those, but I savored one!). This week, baked pumpkin oatmeal, and the huge community Pumpkin Festival where we’ll pick up some apple butter, pumpkin pie, and, of course, pumpkins! Before fall is over, we will have had at least one pumpkin pie blizzard from DQ, played in the raked/blown leaves, eaten tons of chili, and watched LOTS of football!

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