cycle 3 week 16


Every once in a while I like to share what our lesson plans are for the week.   Here you will see  how we use our CC memory work as our complete curriculum for everything except math.  My daughter is in Essentials, so even our grammar, writing, spelling, and vocabulary is included through CC.  That means that I do not use another curriculum for science, history, geography or literature.  Many people feel the need to do CC and then work through a curriculum like Story of the World or Mystery of History or Sonlight at home.  You really don’t have to do that.  Now…let me say that I have some of those books on my shelf and I use them…as a RESOURCE.  I do NOT follow any other lesson plans.  Does that make sense?  I simply look up our current CC topic in those books to get more information…not to complete the lesson plans provided by those publishers.

4th Grader – 9 years old

 Science Topic – 1st 4 elements of the Periodic Table

Since we had already studied atoms, parts of an atom, and elements, learning about the actual elements and how they are arranged on the Periodic Table was not hard at all.

Day 1: Review CC memory work. ***EDIT – I forgot to mention that we also read from an Usborne science book called What’s Science All About?   We love this book and it had a great section that we’ve used over the last couple weeks.

We found this cute song on YouTube that helps us remember our elements by number, element name (with  abbreviation), and mass.

We then used a worksheet that we downloaded from the CC Connected website.   Due to copyright, I cant share the worksheet, but basically it was empty squares for them to fill in the element’s information.  These were cut out and glued into my daughter’s science notebook. Here is a picture of my daughter’s completed worksheet:

elements worksheet picture

Day 2: Review CC memory work and sing the Periodic Table song.  We then watched a cute and informative video on YouTube about the atoms and the Periodic Table by Bozeman Science

Day 3: Review CC memory work and sing the Periodic Table song. This time we drew out each of the first 4 elements by drawing their protons, neutrons, and electrons.  We even went as far to show the electrons on the correct “shell” surrounding the nucleus.  We added them to our science notebook.

drawing atoms picture

Day 4: The last day of our week is always spend adding some notes and/or journal entry to our science notebook.  This can be done by doing Key Word Outlines from a simple science source then turning them into a paragraph.


History Topic: Immigrants 1820-1930

Day 1: Review CC memory work.  We read the timeline card about immigrants and discussed the meaning of the term “melting pot.”  We also watch a portion of the The Story of US DVD from the History Channel.

Day 2:  Review CC memory work.  We then read the History Highlight from the CC Connected website and took notes.  We will use these notes on Thursday.

Day 3: Review CC memory work.  Review the KWO outline or notes from yesterday and turn them into a paragraph to be added to the History notebook.

Day 4: Review CC memory work. Read over the paragraph that we wrote and then add an illustration that represents the immigrants coming to America.

history 16 example

Language Arts – Essentials

The Essentials program provides a day by day guide for grammar work, so I won’t list that here.  Basically every day we work on our Task Sheet for that day.  We also review our charts by writing them out on blank paper.

IEW is our writing program which also details the assignments for the week.  Right now we are actually working on our Faces of History project so my daughter has been working on adding her Introduction and Conclusion this week.

Spelling is provided in the EEL guide, however we are currently using Sequential Spelling.  In the past we used and LOVE All About Spelling (highly recommended) however, my daughter wanted something different that she could do on the computer so we are trying the CD version of Sequential Spelling. I’ll update later about how it’s working.


Other –

Everyday we review the current and past CC memory work using the review system I created (read here).  Since we don’t do additional work in Latin this is basically the only time we “do” Latin.  It is reviewed through the copywork too.

We also do the lapbooking provided by Wisdom and Righteousness as another way to review our CC memory work. (read review here)

Currently we are reading a few books that go along with Cycle 3. Little House in the Big Woods, Minn of the Mississippi, and To California by Covered Wagon.

We also do map tracing and labeling each week as well as copy work.


Math – Area of a rectangle

We always review our CC work, but since CC doesn’t include a math curriculum, this is the one area you’ll have to gather on your own.  We use Math U See.  Currently my daughter is one lesson away from finishing Delta.  Each day we just continue our math lessons and do some math drills.

I hope I didn’t forget anything. 🙂

Hope that helps!  Feel free to post your ideas too!

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