Week 15 was a great week! We have continued to keep on track and despite the business in our lives, things are moving along well.  We will see how long that lasts!

Note: Although these lesson plan posts are about our Foundations lessons, I try to make sure not to include any intellectual property from Classical Conversations Foundations program.  To follow along and do the Foundations program, you will need a Foundations Guide and be part of a CC Community! No actual “memory work” is included here.


Day 1-4: We continued learning about WWI, but this week we focused on the actual war, the countries, and the events rather than just the leaders in WWI.

I have recently fallen in love with Notgrass History books!  Have you seen them? I ordered the Adam to Us set a long time ago thinking I could pull from it when I needed, but then I kinda forgot about it! Now I pull it out every day! I’ll do a post about it later.

Each day we read a portion from Adam to Us about WWI and discussed the review questions at the end of the week.  If you have the book, we read pg. 911-917 which is lesson 134 “The Great War.”  I have been working on note-taking, so the girls take notes while I read to them.  My oldest has a hard time with this and now that he’s in high school, it’s beginning to show!  I hope to help my younger ones learn this earlier!

We also completed the Adam to Us Map Book exercise for Lesson 134 for WWI.


Resources used this week:

Day 1: Read What’s Science All About pg. 222 – take notes and write out definitions for the different types of energy listed on the page.

Day 2:  Read What’s Science All About pg. 223 – take notes and discuss the idea of energy transfer.  We also talked about the idea that since energy can’t be destroyed, how does that reflect our Creator?

Day 3: Read Kingfisher pg. 292 – take notes about kinetic energy.  We discussed and tried to find lots of examples of kinetic energy (without getting too crazy!)

Day 4: Read Kingfisher pg. 293 – take notes on potential energy. We tried to get into positions of “potential energy”


I found a Geography course from Knowledge Quest on SchoolhouseTeachers.com.  I loved this because I would have never purchased this course at full price.  I just wouldn’t have used it all since I stick with CC’s topics.  I use other things as references and resources….not to go through them from cover to cover.  However, with my SchoolhouseTeachers.com subscription, I had access to this course and I could totally just pick and choose the topics that match our lessons!

Day 1: WWI lesson map from Knowledge Quest

Day 2: Draw Europe and label Allies & Central Powers

Day 3: Adam to Us Map Exercise on The Great War

Day 4: Draw the world


Literature & Language Arts:

Both the girls are in Essentials so each day they do their Task Sheets, Charts, and then work on their IEW papers. Right now they are learning to fuse outlines and work on a research paper about Knights.

Spelling is also done daily.  We use Rod & Staff Spelling (6th grade)

Literature:  Since they finished up their book last week, I let them pick out some history themed books to read this week.  They each chose a “Horrible Histories” series book.  Josephine chose The Measly Middle Ages and Lilly chose The Frightful First War.


Both the girls are now using Math Mammoth. I’m currently doing a review for them so we are trying them out.  We normally use Math U See.  You can check back at the end of the month for a complete review, but so far we really like it.  It’s hard and challenging and it definitely takes longer than Math U See to complete the day’s work, but I feel like it’s going very well!

Don’t forget about CC Review!


These memory work system cards will help you review all your new and old memory work in a systematic way!! It takes about 15 min a day and you’ll see the difference.  Don’t take our word for it…..

I personally use these and recommend them. It’s a great resource to help you keep on track and rotating through memory work! – Debbie C

These led my little memory master to victory last year! – Ess B.


4 Thoughts on “CC Cycle 2 Week 15 Lesson Plans”

  • How are your memory flashcards different from the CC flashcards?

    We will be starting CC for the first time next year, so I’m just curious.

    • The CC flashcards are actual flashcards…they have a prompt on the front and the memory work on the back. It’s the actual memory work from the Foundations Guide. My cards are simply a review system to help you rotate the memory work throughout the year. No CC copyrighted info in on my cards. You can give your kids both cards and they can easily review on their own (if you want) because my Memory Work System cards will tell them which 3 weeks to review each day. There are also tips/tricks, ways to review during the break, during the summer, etc…

  • Please help me find the EEL Cycle 2 “Week at a Glance” pages for Essentials for weeks 13-24! I desperately need to print those out for my families. They coalesce all the “Important Stuff” and make it easy for my moms. Would sure appreciate the help!

    • I’m so sorry I’m replying so late! I hope you found what you were looking for. I’m not sure what you mean by “Week at a Glance for weeks 13-24”. There is a scope and sequence in the front of EEL Guide. Also a list of charts assigned by week at the beginning of the charts section of the EEL Guide (in the back). I also have a printable weekly planner called Week At a Glance, but it’s blank and would be filled out for any week.

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