Goals for Homeschool Moms

Are you ready for it?….It’s that time of year again! Goal-Setting! You will either love it or hate it, but setting goals for homeschool moms can be one of the most productive activities you can do for your personal and homeschool life!

Goals for Homeschool Moms


Over the years I’ve done a lot of goals for our homeschool.  I’ve thought about what I want to accomplish with each child for the school year.  I’ve set academic goals like “master multiplication facts” or “learn cursive.” I’ve even set character goals like “learn to put others first” or “become more confident with friends.” Although these aren’t easily measurable goals…but it’s the thought that counts, right?

But the area that I tend to forget is MYSELF.  As homeschool mom/ teacher, I need to know where I need to improve, grow, or learn. I need to also be setting goals for myself.  Since we are the ones home with our children 24/7, it’s vitally important that our “cups” are full.  We need to take care of ourselves, learn to love ourselves, and continue to grow in all areas of our lives.

Your Children are Watching

Our kids see everything, and a BIG thing they will notice is when mom is not feeling her best. I’m not talking about being sick….I’m talking about running on empty emotionally. I have to remind myself all the time to take care of myself because my kids are watching! My daughter is learning how to be a woman, a wife, and a mother by watching what I do (or don’t do)! My son is deciding what kind of girl/woman he will choose (or settle with) by watching me!

If I’m not showing them how to push themselves to do hard things, or to better themselves at any age, then no one else will! It is my job (along with my husband) to prove to them that although no one is perfect, it’s our duty to strive to be more like Christ.  That means I need to know what I’m aiming for and work HARD to get there!

If you haven’t already heard about how to pick a Word of the Year, you can start with that.  Once you have your “word” as your focus, you can then think about goals that help you achieve your word. 

Here’s an example:

If you want to focus on having more Joy in your life, then you can set goals that help you get there.

Goal: Have Family Game Nights at least 3 times a month

Goal: Study the word Joy in the Bible – pick a verse to memorize one each month

Goal: Start a gratitude journal to find joy in the little things and write in it at least 3 times a week

See how the goals help you focus on your bigger goal (or Word)? They work like milestones towards the finish line of a big race.  They are like steps in the right direction.

Make Goals Measurable

One thing about goals is that they need to be a reachable stretch, they need to short-term, and measurable.  You want to set goals that aren’t so simple they are too easy.  This is the time to stretch yourself and grow in your personal life.

They also need to be short-term. Maybe the goal is for the duration of the year….that’s okay but don’t make them all that long.  Make some goals that are for the month or season. Then make a new goal after that! For example if you’re trying to cook healthier meals you could say, “Cook healthy dinners 3 times a week for 3 months.” That doesn’t mean after three months you’re going to cook unhealthy meals! It just means that once you reach that benchmark, you can challenge yourself to do more! Don’t just stay there….get even better!

Goals need to be measurable.  You need to know when you’ve accomplished your goal! Is it measurable by time (at the end of 3 months)? It could be measurable by task like “learn to crochet a scarf.”  You know when you’ve accomplished it when you finish a scarf! But don’t forget the time! It would be better to say, “Learn to crochet a scarf before Mother’s Day.” Then you know the time limit as well as when you’ve succeeded.

Goals vs. Resolutions

Aren’t these just resolutions? There’s a lot of confusion over resolutions vs. goals. In my opinion, resolutions are a bit bigger.  Resolutions don’t end, they live on. You might have a resolution to live a healthier lifestyle. But the goals you create are what get you there.  Resolutions are similar to the Word of the Year.  They are a far-reaching mission for your life that will not end.  It’s something you aim for and continue with through your life.

So this week, think about your Word of the Year (or establish one) and then think about the goals you want to make for YOURSELF.  Don’t worry about the kids, the husband, the house, the cooking…. Those things will all improve automatically once you focus on how you can grow yourself. 

My Word of the Year is Jubilee.

As I think about my goals for the year, I asked myself these questions:

  1. How do achieve Jubilee in my life?
  2. What does Jubilee look like to me?
  3. I will know I’ve embodied Jubilee when __________?
  4. What gives me the feeling of Jubilee?
  5. What areas am I weak?
  6. What is something I’ve always wanted to do?
  7. What do I admire about others that I wish I had/could do?

Then as I brainstormed these questions, I asked, “What baby steps can I take to get me there?” The answers to that will become your goals!

What are your goals? Maybe they are about your daily routine (exercise, food/diet, sleep).  They might be about how you spend your time.  Maybe they are about learning a new skill.

Write them down!

Just like the Word of the Year, you want to see your goals and be able to CROSS them OFF as you accomplish them! But don’t stop….continue setting more goals and reaching higher!

What about you? Make this year the best homeschool year yet by taking some time to focus on your own goals and dreams. Just like you’d want the best teacher for your child if you sent them to school….give them the best of you at home!

Share your goals here in the comments! We are so much better when we learn from each other!


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