Well, it’s here! We start CC on Monday. I can’t believe we are starting Cycle 1 again. The really cool thing for me this year is that we started in Cycle 1, so we are now cycling back to this cycle. This will be the first time we have repeated a cycle. I wasn’t sure what that would be like…would we be bored? Would it not be as exciting? Absolutely not! I’m so excited! I keep looking at the memory work and remembering all (okay…some) of the facts. I’m so excited about going through it all again. I think I will even enjoy it more! I have grown so much over the last three years in Classical Conversations. Less worry, less anxiety, just excitement. I’m no longer worried about what my kids are learning or when or if it’s enough….I know it is!

Okay, so I’ve mentioned in other posts about my approach to using CC as my WHOLE curriculum and how I implement CC at home. I think I’m going to try to give some “peeks” into our days as CC continues this year. It won’t be every week…but I will try to at least post every once in a while with what we plan on doing and/or what we did at home.

So far I’ve done my “school shopping” (basic supplies like notebooks and such) and I’m organizing my resources. I purchased composition notebooks for each child. Last year I used spiral notebooks, but these old-fashioned black and white composition notebooks were calling my name at Staples today! We will use these for our copywork each day. I also picked up some new markers, white board markers, paper, and pencils to freshen our supplies. My Amazon wish list is LOADED with awesome books. I will probably pick a couple every once in a while to order to build my library at home.

I’ve pulled some books from my shelves for the “Book Bin.” If you didn’t read my post on my Book Bin….this is a bucket that I use to store all the books that relate to our studies that week (or for a few weeks at a time). I keep our encyclopedias, read aloud books, history or science based fiction, and all the non-fiction I have that relates to our study. I pull from this Book Bin each day to read and learn from!

I also love the idea of notebooking. We’ve done this already, but I’d like to develop this more. Normally we use the paper that is blank at the top and lined at the bottom to write and illustrate our writing. We do this for Science and History creating a Book of Science and Book of History through the year. This year I’d like to add more than just our writing and an illustration. I’d like to incorporate some ideas from lap-booking into it. Maybe an occasional fold-out piece or lift-the-flap in place of an illustration.


Well that’s my plan so far. I’ll let you know how it goes after week one.

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