Little Learners Busy Box

(pssst…. there’s a coupon at the end….)  Have you heard of busy boxes? I don’t know about you, but it’s hard to homeschool with toddlers and preschoolers running around.  My first two kiddos were 3 years apart so even when my second child was little, I wasn’t doing much formal school yet with my oldest.  BUT….now I have one in high school, one in middle school, and a 2.5 year old!!

I’m a pretty organized person, but the added craziness that a toddler brings is sometimes just too much to handle in a day while also doing all the other things that demand my attention….and I don’t think I’m alone here.

Little Learners Busy Box

Okay so how do we survive?

One of the best ideas that I’ve used is busy bags.  They can go by busy bags, busy boxes, busy books… you get it.  They are contained activities for little ones that can keep them busy (and usually learning) so you are freed up to help your other kids, do the laundry, or whatever else.   Although with my first 2 kids were close enough in age that I didn’t have any real difficult school to do with my oldest, I still had times I needed to keep my daughter occupied and distracted. A friend told me about her busy boxes that she ONLY pulled out for special occasions. I loved the idea and put together a few fun items into a couple boxes and kept them on the shelf.  They were like magic!

Little Learners Busy Boxes

Fast forward 10 years and here I am with a toddler and older homeschooled kids that need my help.  I remembered those busy boxes and started making boxes for my 2 year old.  I put toys that I knew he loved, easy crafts that he could do himself, coloring pages and markers, sticker sheets, fine motor fun like scissors and paper strips.  Then I started getting really crafty and making different activities, printing out flashcards and making games out of them, and showing him how to play with each of the activities.  There were just a few things in each box and they ONLY came out when I needed him quiet and occupied.

As friends saw some of my fun boxes, they wanted them too!

And that’s how Little Learners Busy Box  was created!

Now you don’t have to spend hours on Pinterest or drag the kids to the craft store looking for random supplies, then stay up till midnight with your hot-glue gun… NOPE….Our busy boxes are here for you!

Each month you’ll get a busy box with tons of fun items, activities, learning tools, and more.  It’s all stored in a clear plastic storage bin with lid (and handy label) so you can pull out the busy box you want, when you want it! And most importantly, they are made by me…a homeschool mom like you.  I know your struggles.  Each of the items included are made or purchased with much thought.  I only include items that I would want (actually they ARE items that I want and use!  They are all tested here by my toddler and I get feedback from other kids too!)

Ships on the 5th of the month

We’re getting supplies ready and busy boxes assembled for our next shipment.  Don’t miss out on this box! You’ll find some really fun and creative activities that will not only keep your little one interested, but help teach colors and numbers too…oh and some fun fine motor skills games!


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