Check out this amazing grammar resource that works wonderfully with Classical Conversations Essentials program.  It’s actually great for anyone, but if you do CC, you’ll see the amazing connections!

These simple and easy to use flashcards will take you from simple “subject/verb” sentences, to advanced grammar concepts like gerunds, compound sentences, and more! They are wonderful as a compliment to any grammar or language arts program, but they go especially well with Classical Conversations Essentials.

Currently, there are three sets of cards.  Ancients (with historical sentences inspired by Mystery of History), Meet the Nerds (cute sentences that introduce you to the characters of the Grammar Nerds Club), and the Classical Sampler (small sampling of sentences inspired by classic literature).

They come as PDF downloads and currently are $10 or less per set!  You can’t beat that price!

I love these cards!  Matter of fact, normally people contact me for reviews….but I loved them so much, I contacted THEM!

If you have a child that is learning (or needs to learn) sentence diagramming, you’ll want to take a look at these!

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