Do you love a good book? Are you like me and just haven’t had time to enjoy a good book in years? Well, I’m so grateful for the opportunity to review a new Lamplighter Publishing book called The Secret Bridge by Amy Le Feuvre. I have NEVER read a book published by Lamplighter, although I tend to linger in front of their booth at all the homeschool conferences I attend!

The Secret Bridge {Lamplighter Publishing Reviews}
Are you new to Lamplighter? Here’s a little about them:

First, Lamplighter Publishing aims to “develop Christlike character one book at a time.” Their books are not only beautiful on the outside, they are beautiful on the inside!  I know you can go to their website and read this, but I just felt I couldn’t explain it better….here is how they describe the difference in their published versions of books verses others:

Lamplighter books are edited within a Biblical theological framework to ensure that each story reflects the character of God and provides key Scriptures to be stored within the heart. The uniqueness of a Lamplighter book in contrast to other books with the same title is that they have been enhanced with helpful footnotes and woven with threads of Biblical truths that will be etched into an awakened moral conscience. These characteristics are what make our Lamplighter Collection so unique and highly valued.


I was so impressed with how, as I read the amazing story, I could look down in the footnotes and see the biblical references made in the text!  How powerful that would be for our children to see as they read daily!

The Secret Bridge

I was given a copy of The Secret Bridge and I was so excited when it came!! I grabbed my camera and took this picture!  LOL It was a little fuzzy, but you can still see how excited I was!


The Secret Bridge is about a young girl aptly named Bridget who starts out in the story on a sad and lonely journey to England only to realize that the life before her was not looking any better.  We see a girl who has heard of God but doesn’t know Him.  Bridget soon finds herself homeless and without means in a time that women weren’t able to fend for themselves!  It is a very real and gripping story of life’s struggles and hardships, as well as God’s provision, compassion, and love.

This was one of those books that will keep you and your whole family’s interest all the way through!  There were some twists and turns that I loved!  I took this book with me everywhere hoping for a minute to read a few more pages! I was way ahead of my daughter and although the plan was to read together I just couldn’t help myself! haha

In my opinion, this book is amazing.  It would be especially wonderful for young girls, although I think the whole family could enjoy it.  I think anyone with at least a 4-5th grade reading level would do fine reading this book on their own. I loved how you could follow the life journey of Bridget while also following her spiritual journey! The scripture references given at the bottom of the pages are amazing and so helpful!

This will NOT be my last Lamplighter book!  I’m looking for my next one right now! And I’ll be at a homeschool conference in the area next week…You’ll find me at their booth!!

The Secret Bridge {Lamplighter Publishing Reviews}

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