I was recently contacted by the folks from Magic Stix to sample their markers and do a review for my readers.  They said that their markers would NOT dry out even if the top was left off for 7 days! I was curious because I have a 2 year old who’s mission in life is to leave the tops off all my markers.  I probably throw away dozens of markers, expo markers, sharpies, and more each month! So I agreed to try it out and give an honest review!

I’ve used another product from this company (The Pencil Grip) called Thin Stix which were awesome, so I was hoping that we’d enjoy the markers as well.

What You Get

Magic Stix Marker Review

I received the Magic Stix Washable Marker 12 pack set as seen here. According to the company, they will not dry out with the cap off for 7 days…GUARANTEED. They are odorless, non-toxic, washable (more about this in my review), have vented safety caps, and are available in 12 or 24 packs.

My Thoughts


My first thoughts were that I LOVED the packaging!  Usually markers come in a flimsy cardboard box that my little guy can never use.  He tries to shove them all back in and it doesn’t work!  This package allows him to pop each marker into it’s place and then close the lid.  Everything stays in its own place. I can quickly see if there’s a missing marker and find it right away!


Next I noticed the lids.  The Magic Stix marker tops were all the same color (blue).  My first thought was that I didn’t like it.  With my son’s other markers, I can use his play time to also have him practice his color matching skills as we put the tops on….but then I realized something! There’s no wrong way! It doesn’t matter which lid goes with which marker… just find a lid and put it on! Much quicker and simpler for little people!


The marker tips are a great medium size.  Not too thin and not too thick.  They are sturdy and don’t get pushed back up into the marker when my toddler wants to make “dots” on his paper by smacking the marker down on the paper.


The colors included in the Magic Stix 12 pack were great.  A few variations of some colors (light blue, dark blue, etc) and then the basics like brown and black. And for pink/purple lovers…there’s 2 pinks and a purple! I also noticed that they don’t bleed into each other.  So I hate mixing play dough and I hate it when markers discolor the tips of other markers.  To test this, I scribbled some black on the paper, then I immediately wrote across the black with the yellow.  Typically the black would bleed into the yellow and all over the yellow tip.  Next time you use yellow, you’d get black mixed in! yuck! Well, not with these! I tried it over and over with different colors, and there was no transfer of color!


The company states that they are washable which I was hoping was true.  My son gets markers all over him and sometimes on his shirt. I’ve thrown away my share of shirts due to expo marker stains! First I tested skin.  I drew 4 lines of color on my hands (black, yellow, green, purple), let it dry a few minutes then washed with soap and warm water. The lighter colors were basically gone, but the darker colors (especially black) did not wash off. It got lighter, but it was still there.  By the end of the day the line was gone (more hand washing, doing dishes, etc). I also tried it on fabric.  I used one of my son’s socks and drew 3 lines (black, yellow, blue).  I tossed the sock into the next wash and also dried it.  EVERY color EXCEPT black came out of the sock.  So basically I think that it’s mostly washable (except that black!).

Won’t Dry Out:

So they guarantee that the Magic Stix markers won’t dry out even with the cap off for 7 days! This is totally true! I should have done some proof like this blogger did, but I didn’t even think about it.  However, we have left the tops off for days and the markers still work just like new.  There wasn’t even a difference in the quality either! This was very exciting! Maybe these markers will be around longer than all the others! 

Overall Thoughts:

I love these markers! I love that they don’t dry out, that the lids are all the same color, that the container is actually usable and functional! Oh and by the way, they are non-toxic and ODORLESS! If you’re looking for a great set of markers for a low price (under $10) or a last minute gift idea….these are awesome! 

They are available from their website directly, or on Amazon (and they are Prime so you can get them in 2 days)! Currently they are on Amazon for $9.20.  Add in the Thin Stix (which are like tempera paint sticks!!) and you’re budding artist will LOVE them!

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