Recently I was given the opportunity to review several products from Greathall Productions Inc.  I was very excited because I have a couple of their products already and love them!  As a Classical Conversations family, I had been meaning to check out their website to see if they had anything that could possibly go along with Cycle 3….I was so excited to find out they had plenty!

From their website:

“Since 1989 master storyteller Jim Weiss has produced award-winning audio recordings for children that bring classic literature, mythical tales and history to life. Our audio stories for kids foster insightful family discussions and ultimately lead children to the bookshelf.”

If you don’t know anything about them or if you have NEVER heard the famous voice of Jim Weiss, then please take a moment to see what they have to offer.  Jim Weiss’ voice has been a favorite for thousands of families and was also the voice behind the audio version of Story of the World history books.  His recordings have won numerous awards too!

Why use audio stories?

Some people feel that reading a book is the best way to enjoy stories and literature….maybe even that listening to an audio would lessen a child’s desire to want to read on their own.  However, the opposite is true!  Listening to these amazing recordings not only provides a wonderful model of how to read aloud (inflection, emphasis, etc) but it also gives children a glimpse into literature that ignites their curiosity.  Suddenly, they will want to go and learn more about the topics that they are listening to! If you you don’t believe me, just read some of the reviews on their website!

Jim Weiss and Cycle 3 topics

If you are studying American History this year (like we are in Classical Conversations) then you’ll find dozens of stories for your children to listen to.

They have a complete American History Collection (From Sea to Shining Sea)

  • Women in Blue or Gray – true stories from both sides of the Civil War.  This CD includes Ginnie and Lottie Moon, Anna Ella Carrol, Harriet Tubman and more!
  • Abraham Lincoln and the Heart of America – a story of remarkable courage, humor, and compassion (see the sample video below)
  • Thomas Jefferson’s America – Stories of the founding fathers including Patrick Henry, Martha Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton and more
  • Gone West-Bold adventures of American explorers and pioneers such as Lewis and Clark, Fulton’s steamboat, the Oregon Trail, Sacagawea, and more
  • NEW – I Said I could and I Did – True stories of 20th century Americans including composers, a U.S. President, Poet, Scientists, Jouralist, and Author!
  • American Tall Tales
  • And more…..

Check out this sample audio about Abraham Lincoln


I’m so excited to have been given this opportunity!  They were already a favorite resource and I would have said amazing things about them anyway! 🙂


If you would like to enter to win an audio CD from Greathall Productions, please enter below!  You are entering to win your choice of ONE of these CDs: Abraham Lincoln and the Heart of America, Thomas Jefferson’s America, or Women in Blue and Gray!

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