Want to know what my favorite product (that I made) is?

Honestly, it was a close one.  I love everything I make….that’s why I make them.  Seriously, everything I’ve produced and sell online was created because of my own selfish motives.  Is that bad to admit? But really, I ended up looking for something that would help me in some way and after not finding it, I would just make it.  I figured I couldn’t be the ONLY one to need this, right?

Favorite Product - Memory Work Cards
Memory Work System Cards

My Problem: In our classical learning, memory work starts piling up.  I didn’t want to spend an hour a day on it, but I also didn’t want to forget to review the past stuff enough and forget what we’ve learned!

First let me tell you a little about how I came up with the idea for this product.  Have you ever heard of a Scripture Memory Box? I’ve been homeschooling classically for a VERY long time and with that comes a lot of things you memorize.  Facts, dates, definitions, scripture, etc.  There was this brilliant idea out there about using this scripture memory box for homeschooling memory work too.

But there was a problem! 

You had to write everything out and then put it behind these certain dividers and then move the cards behind the dividers each day.  (picture a 3×5 index card box with a million index cards and dividers).  It worked for a while and solved the problem I had of keeping up with past memory work while still working on the new stuff.

Then I dropped it! 

Cards flew everywhere and everything was out of order! It was chaos. I needed something to keep my memory work straight that didn’t involve so much work!

That’s when I created my Memory Work System Cards!  One set of cards (on a ring so they don’t get mixed up) that you can use YEAR AFTER YEAR for ANY MEMORY WORK!  No writing it down, no moving it around, and no forgetting to review everything!

I have used these cards daily through the school year since I created them! They are simple, easy, transportable, and it helps me and my kids to review our memory work in about 15 minutes!

They are my all time favorite thing!  (and that’s hard to say because you know how much I love my planners!).

If you are doing Classical Conversations, or just learning ANY memory work (times tables, scripture, events on a timeline, etc), these cards will work for you!

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2 Thoughts on “My Favorite Homeschool Story Product and Why!”

  • These are one of my favorite tools as well. I loved that I could have my girls work through their own memory work in their older Foundations years.

    • Yes! It is wonderful with they are little so you can be consistent and keep it short, but also great when they are older and can use them all on their own!

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