With a high school aged son, we are spending lots of time planning and working on college related classes! Recently he has been doing some dual enrollment online, so when I heard about doing a review for SpeedyPrep I was super excited! We have not really looked into any CLEP programs or prep classes so this was new territory for us. As a total newbie to CLEP and prep programs like SpeedyPrep, I felt I could give an honest opinion for those of you out there who are also new to this stuff!

About SpeedyPrep


Basically, SpeedyPrep offers you the chance to study 24 different courses (there’s a huge variety) and get prepared for the CLEP exams.  They use a “fill-in-the-blank” approach to their online flashcard study questions along with videos to help you learn more.  The videos are just for support not full teaching, but are great for areas that you might not be familiar with. There is also explanations for any of the questions you get wrong.  So you not only find out the correct answer, but you also find out more about the correct answer.

The program is a “mastery based” learning program, which means that you’ll get asked the same questions over and over until you get them right several times. Questions that you “master” won’t get asked as much. You get a handy “progress” bar to help you keep track of your progress as well.

What you get with SpeedyPrep



With their subscriptions, you will get access to ALL 24 course topics!  At first I didn’t realize this (not sure why…just sounded too good to be true?), but it was really fun to try out different study courses and see how easy/hard they were.  It really helps encourage you and your kids to try out a subject that they might not have tried if you had to pay for each course individually!

Money Back Guarantee

You’ll also be getting a money back guarantee with this program!  If you get your progress bar to at least 90%, then they will guarantee that you pass your CLEP or your money back! That’s pretty amazing!

Our Thoughts

I would love to say that we LOVED SpeedyPrep, but unfortunately, this product just didn’t work for us.  I would like to quickly say, however, that I don’t think that it’s a bad product at all!  I actually think that it seems great and I hope to maybe use it again in the future.  Here’s why we had a hard time….

Spelling! Okay, so remember when I said it was “fill-in-the-blank?” Well, that means spelling counts!  If you are off even just one letter off, the answer will be counted as wrong! My high school aged kid is not necessarily a poor speller, but with some of the words, names, places, etc, he had difficulty with the spelling.  It really frustrated him and he basically just decided it wasn’t worth the frustration.  He likes to have the positive feedback when he knows the answer, and when he got them wrong (even though he knew the answer) he was just over it.  🙁 We tried a few different subjects/courses but in the end, he did not use it very long at all.

I totally get why the fill-in-the-blank approach works.  If you can type it in then you’ll definitely recognize it on a multiple choice, but in the end, my son just felt like it was basically a spelling class.

For other kids, maybe the spelling won’t be an issue…or maybe they will just learn how to spell the words as they go.  I will also say that it was a little frustrating when sometimes they wanted an abbreviation, while other times, the abbreviation would be counted as wrong. But again, once you know which questions require which type of answer, you’ll be fine.

Overall, I think the program is VERY easy to navigate, the status bar is fun, and obviously they believe in their product! For the amazing price (and the access to all their courses/topics), I think it’s totally worth it!


College Level Examination Program Preparation {SpeedyPrep Reviews}

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