Welcome to Classical Conversations Cycle 2 Week 17 Lesson Plans! Can you believe we are only 7 weeks away from the end of Cycle 2?? That’s crazy. Each week I try to post some ideas to help families use our CC Memory Work to the fullest at home! I have loved the years of Foundations because it’s so flexible and allows you to dig deeper in the areas you want.

Last time we were in Cycle 2, I made these plans for my daughter and niece who were both in Foundations at the time!  I’ve updated them to match the new CC Guide!  I now have a 4 year old in Foundations, so I’ll also put some ideas for preschoolers too!

Note: Although these lesson plan posts are about our Foundations lessons, I try to make sure not to include any intellectual property from Classical Conversations Foundations program.  To follow along and do the Foundations program, you will need a Foundations Guide and be part of a CC Community! No actual “memory work” is included here.


Day 1-4: This week we continued to work on WWII for history. Each day you can read a portion from any History resource you have that talks about WWII.  If you’re using Adam to Us you can read pg. 932-935 which is lesson 136 “World War II.”  I have been working on note-taking, so the girls take notes while I read to them. You can also completed the Adam to Us Map Book exercise for Lesson 136 for WWII and fill in the notes on the Lesson Review and Student Workbook as you read.  If you don’t have Adam to Us, you can use Story of the World, Mystery of History, or any History Encyclopedia!

It’s not as important what book you use as much as HOW you use it.  Teach your kids to research, take notes, learn, discuss, and report back!

Video:  I also have the Story of Us DVD series from the History Channel, so we watched the one about WWII.  I love those videos!  These videos are now on Amazon Prime


Younger Kids: We continue our weeks of deep history that many younger kids won’t understand.  That’s okay!  These are memory pegs that will come back up later to learn about.  This week you can do what we did on week 14 with the pictures of the leaders and the maps.  http://www.homeschoolstory.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/CC-Cycle-2-Week-17-WWII-Leaders-Worksheet.pdf


Resources used this week:

Day 1: Read What’s Science All About pg. 207 – take notes on Newton’s Second Law of Motion

Day 2:  Read KF page 290 – take notes on forces.  This continues more study about forces from last week and how it relates to Newton’s 2nd Law of Motion.

Day 3: Discuss mass, friction, force and what we’ve learned so far.  Ask the question, if there was NO friction would objects of different mass fall at the same speed? Then watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E43-CfukEgs

Day 4: Today we will watch another video about Newton.  This time back to his 2nd Law.  After the video, we will gather some simple objects around us and practice throwing them. Do heavier objects require more force to travel the same distance as a lighter object?


Day 1: Draw and label parts on a Europe map.  I had a list of all the European places and features learning in Foundations (all cycles) and they tried to find them all on their maps (using an atlas when necessary)

Day 2: Draw the world

Day 3: Draw Europe from memory

Day 4: Adam to Us Map Exercise on World War II


Literature & Language Arts:

If you have kids in Essentials, each day they will do their Task Sheets, Charts, and then work on their IEW papers. Right now they are learning to fuse outlines and work on a research paper about Knights.

Spelling is also done daily.

Literature:  Last time through this cycle, we started reading the Usborne version of Diary of Anne Frank. This goes along with our WWII studies.


Whichever Math you are using….. I have recently switched over to CTC Math for my older kids.  My little guys is doing Good and Beautiful K Math and some MUS Alpha!  I’ll do more about those programs later.

Don’t forget about CC Review!


These memory work system cards will help you review all your new and old memory work in a systematic way!! It takes about 15 min a day and you’ll see the difference.  Don’t take our word for it…..

I personally use these and recommend them. It’s a great resource to help you keep on track and rotating through memory work! – Debbie C

These led my little memory master to victory last year! – Ess B.

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