Would your kids rather listen to books than read them? My oldest child is like that. At first I really struggled with the idea that I wanted him to READ the books rather than just listen to them. I felt like listening to them was kinda the lazy, getting-off-easy approach and maybe somehow “cheating” in a way.

Ever struggle with this?

After awhile, I realized that my son was an AUDITORY learner!  He not only enjoyed it better when it was out loud, but he also LEARNED better that way! After I wrestled with it I finally came to discover, that most of all, I wanted him to know these stories, to enjoy these stories, and be able to have discussions with me and his Challenge class about them! So I let go of my own issues, and I let him enjoy the audio books.

If you are looking to enjoy some great American Literature, or if you have a kid going into the Classical Conversations Challenge I program, then the following list might help you find some great audio versions.

American Literature Book List with FREE Audio Book Links

Sign of the Beaver – Audible or YouTube audio book

Johnny Tremain – Audible $12.23

The Call of the Wild – librivox

Adventures of Tom Sawyer – librivox

Billy Budd, Sailor – Audible $10.16

The Scarlet Letter – librivox

Red Badge of Courage – librivox

Gold-Bug and other Tales -librivox

Through the Gates of Splendor – Audible

Best Christmas Pagent Ever – YouTube audio book

Born Again – Audible $22.53

Starship Troopers – Audible (Amazon) library

Up from Slavery – librivox

Narrative Life of Fredrick Douglas – librivox

Harvey – (couldn’t find an audio of this, but there is a YouTube movie for $2.99)

To Kill a Mockingbird – Audible $17.14 or YouTube audio book

Self Reliance and Other Essays – Audible $2.95 or YouTube audio book

Walden: Life in the woods – librivox

The Old Man and the Sea – Audible $11.15 or YouTube audio book


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