5 Days in the Life of a Stressed Out Mom (And How Not To Be One!) – Part 1

Welcome to the first day of our Schoolhouse Review Crew’s “5 Days of Homeschool….” series.

5 Days in the Life of a Stressed Out Homeschool Mom and How Not to Be One post by homeschoolstory.com

When I thought about how to finish that sentence and pick a topic that I thought might be helpful I was stuck.  Literally!  I sat there with paper and pencil and stared at a blank sheet of paper.  Then I realized that I couldn’t think straight because at the moment I was STRESSED OUT.  Know what I mean? So…I decided to introduce you to my real life…of stress.  I hope you don’t mind.  BUT – along the way I hope to not only find help for myself, but also to encourage you as well.

So let’s start!

Day 1: Cleaning

I get totally stressed out about the house.  It’s a mess most of the time.  It’s not because I don’t clean either.  It’s because I have 3 children who go behind me undoing all the cleaning! I’ve struggled with this for years, and it did get a bit easier as the older 2 kids got older, but then we added a new baby and…well, you get it right?

This video is actual footage of me trying to clean the house with a teen, tween, and a toddler!

So what helps? Here are some ideas that I have implemented over the years that DO work for me and that I’ve started again…as well as some ideas I’d love to try!

First let me say that you don’t have to tackle the house alone!  One great thing about homeschooling is that we have all our kids at home with us!  Put them to work!  Teach them that it’s respectful to help others, pick up after themselves, and work hard!

Years ago, I bought this book that really helped me re-think the chores!  The book is written by Don Aslett who is the owner and founder of one of the nation’s most successful cleaning companies!  He not only gives amazing tips and tricks for cleaning like an expert, he also explains how to get the entire family on board with the cleaning. Maybe it will help you!





Here are few pics of the inside:


Setting Up Cleaning Routines:

Years ago I learned about the Fly Lady and the amazing cleaning system!  I made my Control Journal, assigned all my “zones” and got to work decluttering the house!  It worked…so why am I not doing that anymore? I don’t know…so I’m picking it back up again!  It’s super easy once you get going and you won’t be spending all your time cleaning!!

If you’d like to take a look at Fly Lady, you can check it out here at her Getting Started page!  There is so much available online to help you….YouTube videos, Pinterest ideas, and more!

Is clutter a problem? Well, FlyLady can help you out too!  Try out her ideas to “declutter in 15 minutes a day” or the “27-fling boogie” by clicking here

My goal today is to pull out all of my old FlyLady stuff and give it a fresh new start!  Time to set up my Control Journal again, take a look at the zones in our new house, and get organized.  But remember…like I said above, don’t let yourself feel like you have to get everything organized and perfect to get started!

….although I have been looking to start a bullet journal and this idea on how to use a bullet journal for FlyLady cleaning might just be the thing…


If Fly Lady isn’t your thing, I also found these easy and super cute ways to get control of the house. Maybe we can try these out together!


I hope that some of these ideas have inspired you! I know that just by sharing them with you, I’m excited to get control of this part of my life and NOT be stressed out about cleaning!! Won’t you help keep me accountable too? Share your ideas and inspiration by commenting below!

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